Avenue 5’, a Sci-Fi Show From Veep’ Creator Starring Hugh Laurie and Zach Woods, Gets Series Order at HBO //Apr 22, 2019//

Yes please.

Magic show: Javy Báez and the Cubs are reappearing before our very eyes //Apr 22, 2019//

Cubbies are turning things around, baby!

Next Up In Game of Thrones //Apr 21, 2019//

This was not as posuas I expected.

New Joss Whedon Series The Nevers’ Casts Outlander’ Star Laura Donnelly as Lead //Apr 23, 2019//

Yes please!

NYT: In Push for 2020 Election Security, Top Official Was Warned: Don’t Tell Trump’ //Apr 23, 2019//

Fucking ridiculous.

How to Stop James Harden ////

This was great. Do the thing that got you there, Utah.

Disney is Killing Multiple Fox Films, Heavily Scrutinizing Others //Apr 23, 2019//

Wow. Just throwing everything out, huh Disney?

Scale //Apr 22, 2019//

This was the first one that actually felt like a real newsletter about walking.

Luke Walton denies sexual assault allegations against him, which appear to have stunned the Sacramento Kings //Apr 23, 2019//

Hate stuff like this. Either someone is disgusting or someone is making shit up, essentially being disgusting. It’s lose-lose. And for the record I usually lean towards the accuser in situations like this. It’s just no fun for anyone. The delay in coming forward always irks me, but I get that it’s tough and I couldn’t imagine having to go through it myself.

Amazing Grace //Apr 22, 2019//

This was nice.

The world in brief, April 23rd 2019 from The Economist

Trying to get the Espresso into my morning routine. (maybe even with my espresso)

Uber Questions Follow-up, Luminary Launches, Luminary’s Broken Rung //Apr 22, 2019//

Good stuff about Luminary’s problems. (getting people to it, especially when it barely works as a regular podcast app.)

Editor’s Letter: Same Suit, Different Socks - GQ

Continuing to try to fit Apple News+ into my workflow. Haven’t found it yet…

Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking’, Starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, is Unreleasable”, So They’re Spending Millions More on Reshoots //Apr 22, 2019//

This sounds absolutely fascinating. I’d pay $100 for the current cut to see what the problems are.

Amal Clooney: Prosecute Islamic State extremists for rape - The Washington Post

The resolution eliminated long-used language on providing sexual and reproductive health care” to survivors of rape and abuse to avert a veto from the Trump administration. And it eliminated a positive reference to the International Criminal Court’s work in prosecuting alleged perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict.

The Golden Age of Half-Truths — On my Om

Great story/metaphor of today from Om.

Issue 022: Yelaine Rodriguez rewrites the story of the African diaspora


Through the Fish-eye Lens: On Kanye West’s Sunday Service - The Ringer

I don’t even know what to say about Kanye anymore. This gospel shit is ajte weird. I want to see him put something meaningful together. And it better not be called Yandhi

How Kunihiko Ikuhara Crafted the Weirdest, Most Wonderful Anime About Adolescence - The Ringer

Sounds interesting, I think I’ll give this a shot when the SO goes out of town.

Uber Questions //Apr 21, 2019//

Surprised how much open questions he has. Doesn’t seem typical to me, but I don’t follow IPOs like that…

Sentiers No.75

Some decent stuff in here.

Inoh Tadataka and the Tools of a Walk

Great story.

The Bad Hustle Porn Narrative //Apr 10, 2019//

Good reminder to relax.

Comics Train: 4 //Apr 14, 2019//

Nice little blurb.

NextDraft: There’s No Place Like Homepage

Writing this so far out I don’t even remember what I gleaned.

CNBC: Apple Spends More Than $30 Million a Month on Amazon Web Services’ //Apr 21, 2019//

Pretty crazy…

NBA executives, agents and players weigh in on the rebuilding models of the Nets and 76ers //Apr 21, 2019//

I’d definitely prefer the Nets model. Both seem difficult but one puts an absolutely abhorrent product on the court. In contradicting myself a bit, as I cheered for the Chicago tank this past year…

Hail to the Chief’: Portland’s glue guy, Al-Farouq Aminu, keeps Blazers together in Game 4 win //Apr 21, 2019//

He’s going to be key to keep them moving next round.

Counters and Confusion ////

I wish I was as good at picking up all this stuff live and in the moment. It’s fascinating to see someone look back and dissect it. I wonder how much coaches actually pick up in the moment.

Ryan Murphy is Bringing The Boys in the Band’ to Netflix, Starring Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, and More //Apr 20, 2019//

First thing from Ryan Murphy I’m actually excited about. What an amazing cast.



Apple-Qualcomm Follow-up, The PS5, Jeff Bezos’ Letter to Shareholders //Apr 17, 2019//

Decent x2.

Frustrated and irritated by Game 3 defeat, Blazers vow: We will be ready for Game 4’

I’m really pulling for Portland. I think they could steal game four in OKC.

Newsletter Development: 2 //Apr 19, 2019//

Like following along with this but not much here in this one.

Call them dirty’ or don’t, Spurs showing Nuggets how it’s done in playoffs //Apr 19, 2019//

This is going to be a fight to the end.

Redaction //Apr 18, 2019//

No comment needed.

Below are a bunch of Time 100 most influential people profiles, through Apple News+

Mohamed Salah, by John Oliver - TIME https://apple.news/Ah6CZ9aNzTCyzz5xyyI0Bqg Marlon James - TIME https://apple.news/A6f7ncBoDTZKJf1yFHZzL8A Dwayne Johnson - TIME https://apple.news/Ak1c4eVMFS12S99YzI_9P5w Rami Malek - TIME https://apple.news/ADi9tNh-uRTmTUUilyd63DQ Hasan Minhaj - TIME https://apple.news/AN_g4f2GxRQWr_7lVYn9FHQ Richard Madden - TIME https://apple.news/APdwaIDDOTBi3G57211iUEg Brie Larson - TIME https://apple.news/A2pEie1JxT1S9covHN60abQ Emilia Clarke - TIME https://apple.news/A_2ppPkp2TPqvs0x63eY4dA Mahershala Ali - TIME https://apple.news/AqSRksXzDQQ2bL9TPPRU21g Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - TIME https://apple.news/AAWw0Ki_RTfuowV8MzB84Zw LeBron James - TIME https://apple.news/A4lQkK01LRvuq63-0ATgWWg Bob Iger - TIME https://apple.news/AHxxYqwi2RJOZBnV9UvP1nQ Tiger Woods - TIME https://apple.news/AfIc1hoqiQCWsutgVRyJO1g Spike Lee - TIME https://apple.news/Ae4evd4n1SLG_oJDgpWW64A Michelle Obama - TIME https://apple.news/AJPlZzdciSv6eqKLmSFLQZw

Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino does the simple things right and that’s why he’s so important //Apr 19, 2019//

Damn straight. Love Firmino. So skilled with the ball and able to do so much on the pitch.

Harper: Why the theater of Kevin Durant’s postgame press conference was simply smoke and mirrors ////

Durant just talks. A lot. But the man can still play. Obviously.

Exclusive: Michael Jordan weighs in on Tiger Woods: Greatest comeback I’ve ever seen’ //Apr 18, 2019//

Pretty great.

The Away Experience ////

Tempting. I’ve dug Away but I prefer a travel backpack. Still…. I might eventually give in…

The Long Goodbye Dirk Never Asked For //Apr 10, 2019//

I wonder if Dirk ever felt the same way.

The Perfection’ Trailer: Netflix Teases the Craziest Damn Movie You’ll See in 2019 //Apr 14, 2019//

Didn’t watch. Waiting to watch the movie and based on this article it sounds worth it to go in cold.

Is Brooklyn in the House? Nets Fandom Is Having Its Playoff Moment. //Apr 18, 2019//


Disney Scraps Fox’s Mouse Guard’ Two Weeks Before Production Begins //Apr 17, 2019//

Sad. Not a Mouse Guard fan at all, but it still sounds like something Disney should pursue.

Apple Settles With Qualcomm, Intel Exits Modems, Apple’s Miscalculation

Touched on this yesterday. I’m really curious what the details of the settlement are.

If you miss it, I’m gonna go get it.” — Cleaning the Glass

Older piece about Kanter. Really cool to get his perspective on the offensive glass.

Inside the historic fourth-quarter explosion from Jamal Murray that saved the Nuggets’ season

Great piece on Murray and the Nuggets. It’s too bad this series is on NBA TV.

Newsletter Development: 1

Curious to see what comes from this.

Daring Fireball: 9to5Mac: Apple Revamping Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in Unified App’


Swamp Thing’ Shuts Down Early as One Cast Member Suggests a Troubled Production

DC just can’t seem to do anything right these days. Their last three movies in Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam have been enjoyable, but between Zach Snyder and the DC Universe service, things seem very offkilter.

It’s all about relationships: Why new Pelicans VP David Griffin may be able to keep Anthony Davis in New Orleans

I like Griffin, I guess, but I don’t think anyone can pull the Pelicans out of this hole. If he can it’ll be a miracle and he should be lauded for it.

The Pull #12: On Sale 4/17/19

Kind of want to subscribe to Marvel Unlimited. Can’t keep up with my current weekly comics though…

Daring Fireball: Why Apple Settled With Qualcomm

See above.

☄️ Week 16 ½, young necromancers

Made a reference page for the book mentioned here. Sounds like a good mine.

NextDraft 1. Brain Teaser //Apr 16, 2019//

Good stuff.

Ranking the Run-Ins for Liverpool and City //Apr 15, 2019//

Pulling for the Reds…

More search, less feed //Apr 3, 2019//

Earn it in reverse //Apr 7, 2019//

Cathing up on a month backlog of Kleon. These two are the ones I liked the most.

This is the best we’ve been’: For Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, friendship and patience go a long way //Apr 16, 2019//

For some reason I didn’t think they had a great relationship. I wonder who I had them confused with. Either way, I’d love to see some success in Portland.

Golden State’s Kevin Durant Has Become the Ultimate Basketball Player - The Ringer

Durant has all the physical tools and prerequisites, similar to LeBron to be the greatest. However, just like LeBron, Durant has continued to show the lack of mental fortitude that Jordan had, and the 31-point lead the Warriors gave away, with Durant getting pestered by Beverley was a great example of this.

A better internet for the Anthropocene

Some good thoughts here.

An interstellar meteor may have slammed into Earth - National Geographic


Scenes from the NBAs greatest playoff comeback: Pat Beverley, passion and the power of competition

Beverley is the man. I love players who play like this and represent Chicago well.

The Clippers Completed the Biggest Comeback in Postseason History By Being Themselves

Some more good stuff on the Clippers comeback.

Laird Hamilton’s lessons on fueling up for an action-packed 24 hours - Outside

Nothing here.

Styles Make Fights — Cleaning the Glass

Loved this. Hope he does more of this and revisits these topics after each round.

Bad Writer

Note from Ellis.

Amazon UnPrimed

I’ve had similar thoughts. I had to return something for the first time last year and was stunned at the restocking fee. Most places have free returns nowadays and I just assumed Amazoj would be the same way.

Disney and the Future of TV

Disney and the Value of the Consumer Relationship, Disney’s Consolidation of Hulu, Comcast and AT&T

Getting back into the Stratechy flow.

Intel 5G Modems - Daring Fireball★

I really want to know the answer on the timing piece.

Antisocial Network System Printernet

I have one of those small printers and previously started to implement that but the paper for those is just too expensive to do regularly.

Anthony Davis Might Be Too Melo to Be the Star He Thinks He Is - The Ringer

Not a bad comparison, especially if a team gives up the world for him.

Manvotional: Young Benjamin Franklin’s Plan of Conduct | The Art of Manliness


Playing the Second Side — Cleaning the Glass

Great breakdown.

Noh: What is the point of the Bulls extending Jim Boylen?

Please don’t extend him. Try to get Dave Joeger…

☄️Week 16, the things they love ping-ponging

Not much here but a few fun things to take away.

Shrinking the Floor — Cleaning the Glass

Even better breakdown! Hoping the Nets can find a way to take this series. Would be fantastic.

Surprise, surprise! The Bosnian Beast gives his Blazers teammates a boost

I wasn’t as into Portland this year as Chuck and Ernie who picked them to make it out of the west at one point in time, but to lose Nurk at this point is such a huge bummer.

Bernie Sanders’ Fox News town hall wasn’t a debate. Bernie won anyway.

Pretty funny. I like Bernie, but I don’t know if he can win enough people from the middle to win it. We might be better served by someone else out of the primary.

The Umbrella Academy’ Is a Foray Into Netflix’s Post-Marvel World - The Ringer

First positive review I’ve read. This aligns much more with how I felt about it. Can’t wait for season two.

Why I’m obsessed with reading books about writing in notebooks - The Washington Post

I have a similar problem. I’ve pretty much given up my notebooks since this Weblog started. Still pondering ways to get back into them because I do miss my regular field notes.

Amazon federal taxes: how the company’s corporate tax bill was $0 - Vox

Good explainer.

Introducing Royalty, the Collective Behind Atlanta’ and Childish Gambino - GQ

Pretty cool. I’m fascinated by collectives.

Bad Times at the El Royale’ Director Drew Goddard Signs Deal with Disney-Owned 20th Century Fox TV //Mar 20, 2019//

Hope this means we get more of Drew Goddard.

The Politician’, Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Show, Announces Cast and Premiere Date //Mar 21, 2019//

I’m not sure what to think of this. Never been a big Ryan Murphy fan.

Comics Are The Ghost Train //Mar 9, 2019//

Cool little post.

Apple Music, Exclusive Extras, and Merch //Mar 22, 2019//

Gave Apple Music another try recently. It’s just not as good as Spotify which makes me a little sad because I know the bundling offers are going to be enticing later this year.

Year of the Meteor - My previous bag was extremely non-DIY, made by the company Filson, and while it was sturdy and beautiful, it was also HEAVY. All those snaps and buckles and leather tabs — all that ////

I’d love to make my own bag one day.

Ganzeer - FREQUENCY //Mar 21, 2019//

Eh not much here.

Rodin - A Retreat, a Walk, SMS Publishing, Advice to a Young Me //Apr 2, 2019//

Some great advice. I’ve fallen too far into spending all my money. Need to cut back a little.

Katie Nolan goes to Liverpool to watch her beloved Reds

This was a really fun post.

Gonzo Jordan: The true story behind Michael Jordan’s brief-but-promising baseball career //Jul 29, 1994//

Fascinating. I always thought he pretty much failed at baseball, but there’s a lot here that says otherwise.

The Curious Incident in the Bath in the Day-time //Apr 7, 2019//

What a fucked up experience. To have in a public bath nonetheless.

Shazam!’ Box Office Exceeds Expectations, Gets Dwayne Johnson Excited for Black Adam Arrival //Apr 7, 2019//

Shazam was a lot of fun. I look forward to what’s coming next.

Samuel L. Jackson Interview on Hollywood, Politics, and His Childhood - Esquire

This was a fantastic interview.

Another day, another dominant pitching performance, and the Cubs suddenly look fierce again How the Cubs look at their catching situation without Victor Caratini

Pop quiz: What does it take to get the better of the NBAs best coach?

Pop is the goat.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney+, Set to Launch in November for $6.99 A Month

Terry Gilliam Interview: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote — /Film

Cool to hear his thoughts on the long arduous process that was getting this movie made.

How Marshmallows and Ramen Noodles Get into Your Beer | October

Nothing revelatory here.

Pros and Cons: Digesting the Unveiling of Disney+ //Apr 12, 2019//

Stoked for this. I feel like there’s no way Apple can charge more than 9.99 given Disneys price.

No.74 — Public libraires. Could We Blow Up the Internet? The Third Phase of Clean Energy. AI music. Zuck and Bengio.

Meh not much here in this week’s.

You Could Have Today. Instead You Choose Tomorrow.

Good little note from Ryan Holiday. I miss having splendidly relaxing weekends.

Thompson: If the Lakers go after Bob Myers, it’ll be up to the Warriors to prove they know how much he’s worth

I think Myers will end up staying with the Warriors. But the Lakers should be going after him with everything they have.

Two weeks in, here are five things we’ve learned about Cubs pitching

Cubs pitching just plain sucks. Their hitting has been fantastic though.

Significant Digits For Thursday, April 11, 2019 - FiveThirtyEight

Cool idea for a daily update.

Apple’s Game Changer — 500ish Words

Not gonna happen.

Talk Qwerty to Me


The Criterion Channel Is an Idyllic Oasis Amid a Sea of Streaming-Service Sameness //Apr 11, 2019//


Luck and hope are not a strategy or a plan’: John Paxson talks Jim Boylen, injuries and more ////


Astronomers take first photo of a black hole - Axios


That’s his boy! So why isn’t Dennis Rodman more involved in his son’s budding career? It’s complicated

I can’t imagine how weird and tough that would be. But if he has any of Rodman’s spririt on the court, he could be dangerous.

The Pull #11: On Sale 4/10/19 //Apr 9, 2019//

First read of this newsletter. Makes me miss reading Marvel and DC books.

Editor’s Letter - Esquire

Trying out Apple News+. Read the Sam Jackson piece from this issue yesterday; which was solid.

Winston Duke on Us, Black Panther, and His Sense of Style - Esquire


How Chris Beard Built Texas Tech Into an Unlikely Basketball Juggernaut - The Ringer

Really disappointed they weren’t able to win it. Still; I hope Beard can bring back a very different, but exciting team next year.


New newsletter for me. Some interesting stuff here.

Hot or Not? — Cleaning the Glass

Cool little back and fourth conversation.

10% of my ideas are terrible on arrival. Never be better than terrible. 30% are bad and even with work will remain bad. 30% are also bad, but may be OK with a ton of work. 30% are ok but require work. 0% of my ideas arrive great. It’s always far more work than I expect.

— rands (@rands) April 7, 2019

Important to remember.


Good issue.

a biweekly newsletter by Ganzeer //Apr 4, 2019//

Been awhile since I’ve read Ganzeer. Nice to get back to it.

Gideon Falls 9 + 10

Two wonderful issues.

Ask Ben: Kawhi’s D, Rebounding, Projections, and Agents — Cleaning the Glass

Some great stuff there. The first two parts about Kawhi and rebounding were the best.

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Partnership Ending After 13 Years /Film

Sad. But probably for the best.

003 / The Fifth Mode / Part 1 //Apr 6, 2019//

Great stuff from @kaa.

A Rekindled iPad Mini ////

I wish the iPad mini had the same bezels as the new iPad pros. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Same physical dimensions but an extra inch to the actual screen.

Jarrett Culver Does It All. What Will Happen in the NBA? - The Ringer

I’d probably go with Culver if the Bulls can’t get Ja.

The Problem With Homefield Advantage ////

First newsletter issue I’ve read of Ryan O’hanlon’s. Pretty good. This one covers home field advantage specifically keying in on Tottenham’s situation as they go from Wembley to their new stadium and how that might effect them to finish out the season.

Auburn Just NBA’d Its Way to the NCAA Tournament’s Elite Eight - The Ringer

They have been fun to watch, besides when they beat the Jayhawks…

Lihit Lab Smart Fit A6 Carry Pouch Review — The Pen Addict

I’m obsessed with pouches and bags. This one looks interesting.

Apple’s Services Event — Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Good breakdown.

Comics Train: 2 //Apr 2, 2019//

Interesting little piece in format.

Reckoning with Detective Comics

Amazing. These are the kinds of things the big two can excel at if they let themselves.

Auburn Is Officially This Year’s Giant Killer - The Ringer

I’m cheering for Auburn and Texas Tech the rest of the way through.

No.73 — Getting cities our of cars. Copyright horror. Intelligences. Bogost. Malaise self-care. Civic Futures. Turing.

Some good stuff here.

The Joker’ Trailer Is the Best of 2019 So Far - The Ringer

Agreed. Stoked for this.

Why the World Needs More Crowlers—Wait, What’s a Crowler? | Bon Appetit

Just got my first crowler last Saturday.

Duke Is Going to the Elite Eight Because of Zion’s Latest Feats - The Ringer

I miss him already…

Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Confirmed By Netflix //Apr 1, 2019//


A chat with Captain Marvel’s Kelly Sue DeConnick & Hawkeye’s Matt Fraction - Polygon

This was great.

Can Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone’ Break Through Its Paywall? - The Ringer

I hope so. I’m looking forward to diving in soon.

Should LeBron James Be Left Off the All-NBA Teams? - The Ringer

He should most certainly. Kawhi, and Blake should definitely make it over him. That leaves one spot. I’d personally give Aldridge (if eligible), Danilo Galinari, and Pascal Siakam the box before LBJ but inevitably, he will get on the third team. If he gets on the second team it’d be a travesty.

If You Race Zion Williamson, He Will Chase You Down and End You - The Ringer

The show looks dumb.

Year of the Meteor: This dispatch is coming to you a morning late because I had literally not a spare minute on Sunday; we rose early, went to the olive grove, and worked until the sun went down, pausing only for bacon and avocado sandwiches in the shade. It was the last day our friend and Pruning Resident ////

Nothing spectacular I still love reading Sloan. This is what prompted my Critical: Reading list.

A Woman Says Kristaps Porzingis Raped Her. Here’s What We Know.

This is tough. I always like to side with the accuser in these situations, but the little I know, it’s become harder and harder to take what she has claimed at face value.

Ridgeline - Walk Rhythms, SMS Publishing //Mar 31, 2019//

This photo a day through SMS where he won’t receive the responses until the end is a fascinating Expirement. I can’t wait to see how it goes for him. Another critical hitting it out of the park.




Don’t remember why I snagged this here.

Danilo’s Downfall? — Cleaning the Glass

Funny little article.

I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter — The Everywhereist

Fantastic piece.

Cemetery Beach 7

Good ending.

Farmhand 6

Really dig this story.

NOS4A2: A Fight For Their Souls’ Season Premiere Official Trailer | New AMC Series //Mar 29, 2019//



Short issue.

Will Apple Lock Consumers in With Its New Credit Card? - The Ringer

Yeah, but I thought transferring from Apple pay to a debit card was free..?

What We Do in the Shadows: new FX comedy is a cult internet phenomenon - Vox

Really looking forward to the show.

The Key to Ja Morant’s NBA Future Was Revealed In the NCAA Tournament - The Ringer

Defense is the one thing I’m worried about. Greatly. But I still want him on the Bulls.

It Wasn’t Showtime ////

Eh. I still enjoyed Apple’s event. And will probably get everything.

Feature Film: Confusion, No Looks, Switching Ends — Cleaning the Glass

Some interesting looks. I got what he was saying right away but didn’t see the big deal, but the more you think about it, these small things really do add up.

O’Hare Design: Helmut Jahn, in handwritten note, embarrassed’ by mayor’s choice //Mar 28, 2019//

I don’t know much about this but I’ve been keeping an eye on it.

How Doc Rivers Pulled Off the Coaching Job of His Career - The Ringer

Clippers really are a fun team. Haven’t watched them enough this year.

The Boss Pour’ Is Bad for Your Beer, but Good for the Gram | VinePair

Looks dumb. I don’t think these pours even look better than a photo of a beer with a nice foamy head. Let alone all the other stuff.

Exquisite Boredom and the Long Walk

Like getting a sense of how Craig plans for these long walks. Maybe one day for me.

Jusuf Nurkic Is Out for the Season With a Broken Leg, and the Portland Trail Blazers Are Cooked - The Ringer

This is a real bummer. I didn’t think they really had a chance to win it all, but they were still fun.

The Soothing Promise of Our Own Artisanal Internet | WIRED

I’m slowly building out the internet I want to be on. Picking and choosing sources. Although I do still get stuck browsing Instagram way too much.

March Madness 2019: Zion Williamson Could Join the Triple Ones Club - The Ringer

Watching the Duke/UCF team, I kept going back and fourth on who I wanted to win. Zion is really something else.

The San Antonio Spurs Have Regenerated Into a Contender Yet Again - The Ringer

I don’t know why people are surprised. Pretty sure I picked Spurs to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year.

A Complete List of All the Magazines Available for Apple News Plus in the U.S. (So Far) //Mar 25, 2019//


Apple Unveils the iFawn ////

I enjoyed the event. Will probably end up subscribing to everything…

Bucking the Trend: Follow Up — Cleaning the Glass

Love this kind of follow-up.

No.72 — Natural’s Not in It. Futurism Needs to Get Real. Reinvent democracy. A Future Without Fossil Fuels? Face masks get fashionable.

Haven’t dead Sentiers in awhile. It’s really good. I often forget though.

Will the Lakers Make the Playoffs? A Review — Cleaning the Glass

Really good review. I think I had the Lakers at the right spot so I’m not surprised here either.

A comic book store inside a bookstore

I miss comic shops. The one downside of being all digital.

The Celtics Responded to Kyrie Irving’s Latest Critique by Not Changing a Thing //Mar 25, 2019//

Kyrie needs to go.

Apple’s Slice — 500ish Words

Tough spot to be in. Apple need to meet the desires of shareholders…

How Can the Thunder Get Back on Track? - The Ringer


The Philadelphia 76ers’ Title Bid Gets Serious - The Ringer

Nope for them too.

The Ja Morant Triple-Double Experience Is an Instant March Madness Phenomenon - The Ringer

My guy. Hope he comes to the Bulls. Tough break against Fl state though.

It’s Not Enough to Be Right—You Also Have to Be Kind


Why Jordan Peele Is the New Master of Suspense - The Ringer

Looking forward to Us.

Very Brief Thoughts and Observations on Today’s Show Time’ Apple Event //Mar 24, 2019//

I feel like Gruber doesn’t have his pulse on areas Apple hasn’t been. He doesn’t get the gaming space at all.

Rocked Chalk: Kansas’s Most Disappointing Season of the Decade Is Now Over //Mar 23, 2019//

So disappointed by their performance yesterday. They just looked sluggish, slow, and lacked any actual effort. Auburn is probably the better team but there was no fight there.

John Oliver’s Weak Case for Callout Culture //Mar 21, 2019//

Idk… I think Oliver was navigating a fine line of talking about the problem and trying to give examples while keeping the general mood of his show.


Excellent issue. Lots of good stuff in the first half.

Daring Fireball - Apple Games //Mar 23, 2019//

No shit, John. That’s what everyone has been saying for months.

Year of the Meteor - Sunset Sky, 1872, John Frederick Kensett ////

Some great links in this one.

Inside Beer - corn syrup ads ////


The Criterion Channel’s Launch Line-Up Revealed, Sign Up Now for a 30-Day Trial and Reduced Price //Mar 21, 2019//

Excited for this. But with that being said, I might not continue the subscription after the first month. Budget is getting tight.

On the Hunt for Japan’s Elaborate, Colorful Manhole Covers - Atlas Obscura

These are stellar. Wish cities would do more stuff like this. When Chicago had the cows all over the place it was wonderful.

Bag Guide 2019 //Mar 20, 2019//

Some good stuff here. Don’t need any bags though. I’m pretty content.

Weezer’s Black Album Won’t Make It Easier for Them - The Ringer

I agree with a lot about this. The thing I’ll say about Weezer is, even if their music isn’t on the level of their early stuff, they are continuing to put out new stuff that isn’t absolute garbage. Although I hated the Teal album.

AOCs Michael Cohen testimony questions mattered. Here’s why. - Vox

Not much depth here.

If you care about your thoughts, keep them.” — Shawn Blanc

This both inspired me to get back to my notebook (not the goal of the piece) but also want to use this more for those Thoughts On type notes.

Scientists Develop Yeast That Brews THC and CBD — Rolling Stone

Pretty crazy stuff. Interested to see where this goes. And how it’s used, if at all, in the consumer space.

The Blogging Mindset — 500ish Words

A struggle I see a lot of people, including myself, when it comes to blogging, the where’s, how’s and why’s.

Joe Biden’s plan for an early VP selection is a terrible idea //Mar 20, 2019//

Yeah, seems odd.

Should You Watch … Love, Death & Robots’

Netflix Testing Out Random Episode Orders For Original Shows Starting With Love, Death & Robots

Can’t decide if I want to watch this.

Bohemian Rhapsody’ Editor is as Embarrassed About that One Scene as You Are //Mar 19, 2019//

Really is odd.

It’s Tanking Season, and Zion Williamson Is Worth Tanking For - The Ringer

Will be an interesting month. Sucks seeing Phoenix rest guys and have the Bulls beat them.

Inside Podcasting - Wolverine / Optimizing for the Blind / Podcast Creator Program ////

The Wolverine season 2 does sound good.

The Thunder Need to Recalibrate //Mar 19, 2019//

I think it’s too late for OKC. They had a good run, but it’s going to be too much on PGs shoulders.

Making the Music of the Mazg

Pretty cool to see Robin actually create the music of the mazg from his book Sourdough.

The Writer & the Witch

Wonderful little story.

NextDraft - EVERYTHING IN MODERATION //Mar 18, 2019//


Small Fry

Reading some before bed.

Game of Thrones’ Writers Defend Last Season’s Controversial Pacing Choices //Mar 18, 2019//

I’m still pretty bummed about last season. They rushed to be able to finish it with this upcoming season, not to serve the story in anyway. I’m not going to pretend like I have a better solution, but there has to be a better way. Still, I’m looking forward to the final season and I have high hopes for all six episodes to deliver something spectacular.

Vibrant Oil Paintings of Clouds //Mar 18, 2019//


Divvy could get $50M expansion, electric bikes //Mar 18, 2019//

This might be cool, but I’m always wary of exclusivity deals, especially in regards to cities.

207. STEPHEN KING: The desk //Feb 28, 2017//

I’ve had this in my Instapaper queue forever. Not sure why it took me this long. Nice little comic.

Brian Chesky eats his own dog food ////

I dig Airbnb. Insterested to see how the HotelTonight acquisition goes.

Meet the Man Living on Nothing but Beer and Water for Lent //Mar 18, 2019//

Just sounds stupid.

Ask Kate About Beer: How often do breweries change a beer’s recipe? //Mar 17, 2019//

Interesting to see how much science really goes into it and how weather causes changes that need to be accounted for.

Inside Beer - Anchor union provides blueprint / St. Paddy’s at Guinness’ MD brewery / The Pokemonification” of craft beer ////

Couple interesting notes.

NextDraft - THE GRAPES OF WRATH //Mar 17, 2019//

Thoughts on New Zealand were good.

Dozens of black partygoers were arrested over less than an ounce of marijuana. Now they’re suing. //Mar 15, 2019//

Pretty ridiculous. Shit needs to be legalized everywhere.

Ezra Miller Teams Up With Grant Morrison To Pen The Flash’ Script in Creative Clash With Directors //Mar 14, 2019//

This is pretty weird. I wish all four could come together and just make a crazy movie.

Several Boeing 737 Max 8 pilots in U.S. complained about suspected safety flaw //Mar 12, 2019//

Via DF

Across the globe, a question of air safety becomes a question of American leadership ////

Via DF

Noah Hawley Shares Doctor Doom’ Movie Plot Details Even As Film Stays in Limbo //Mar 12, 2019//


Dave Franco Making Directorial Debut with Horror Movie The Rental’, Starring Alison Brie and Dan Stevens //Mar 10, 2019//

Could be cool. I don’t know how he’d be behind the camera.

Stuber’ First Look: Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista Make One Bizarre Duo //Mar 6, 2019//

Sounds like a corny summer blockbuster. But with these two actors, I’m in.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Finished this and absolutely loved it.

Ajax Penumbra 1969

Dove into this Kindle single right away. Nice little story.

Small Fry

Just started.

h0p3 to: Phil ////

Great to see more wiki letters, although I’ve fallen off of my humdrum life lately.

Inside Podcasting - 2. iHeartMedia has asserted another first” this week: according to ////

Found Blackout starring Rami Malek from this.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Continuing to enjoy this. 85% of the way through.

Yoda Actor Frank Oz Reuniting with Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Director Rian Johnson to Act in Knives Out’ //Mar 11, 2019//

Pretty cool news. I’m just totally stoked for Knives Out so I’m devouring all the news I can find about it. The real test will be when the trailer comes out. I love trailers, but for movies like Avengers and Star Wars I try my best to avoid to go in spolier-free.

Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Continuing to churn through it. Loving every sentence.

Encyclopedia Netflixia: Translating Warner Media’s Robert Greenblatt //Mar 7, 2019//

Honestly, he just sounds scared to me. Reminds me of LeBron. Coming from a place of power but scared of the competition. Both for good and bad reasons.

Trump’s bizarre Tim/Apple” tweet is a reminder the president refuses to own tiny mistakes //Mar 11, 2019//

What a schmuck. I don’t get it at all. How do people think this man is smart, competent, or just even of an average intelligence.

How climate change affects flavor / 19 Crimes beer / New Belgium brings back Mural Agua Fresca ////

Mural sounds interesting.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Started last night before bed.


The send off was great.

Year of the Meteor - The Mill Pond,” by Gustav Baumann, ca. 1893/95 ////

Interesting stuff here. Clicked out the many of the links. Fun stuff out there.

Van Gogh’s The Night Café Was Among His Ugliest Pictures” //Mar 6, 2019//

From Kottke.

Fred Rogers Was Attracted to Both Men and Women //Mar 6, 2019//

Don’t have much to say. Interesting.

My Favorite Secret Social Network //Mar 7, 2019//

Interesting. I loved Peach but had no idea it was still around.

On Watches //Mar 7, 2019//

I’ve had similar feelings to watches.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Finally finished. Feel like I’ve been reading this short novella for ever.

Homecoming’ Season 2 Will Not Be Directed By Sam Esmail //Mar 7, 2019//

I’m not sure I’m going to be interested in S2. I’ll still give it a shot though.

The Case for Amazon Saving Patriot’ (and Someone Else Saving Counterpart’) | Hollywood Reporter

Still need to watch Patriot S2 and Counterpart

Outlier Dreamweight T //Mar 6, 2019//

Ah I’ve been looking at this shirt for awhile and I have some store credit at Outlier. May jump on this.

Josh’s Wiki To: Jack //Mar 6, 2019//

Loved this. It’s one of those topics I’ve been thinking about as well. I most certainly believe these Wikis should be organized and used according to the user. Seeing how others think and organize and process information is why I enjoy looking at others Wikis.

Cemetery Beach 6

Fun comic. The seventh, and last issue just came out yesterday. Looking forward to reading it.

Rands Tweet plus responses - 1/ This just in. 2/ Starting to use this type of bullet format. 3/ Not sure why, but I like it. //Mar 6, 2019//

Similar to the discussion around date formatting. I don’t use Twitter for posting but I love seeing what others are doing and how they use certain things. I dig the monkey emojis for bullet points.

Inside Beer - , Titanium is 7.5% ABV and is being sold in single-serve 24-ouncers, in an effort to capitalize on a growing market for high-ABV beers in single, large-format cans. It’s also the first Mexican import to try marketing a high-ABV beer. And extending the company’s We Are Bold” campaign, a new ////

The brewdog flight is pretty cool. I’d do that for sure.

Karen O and Danger Mouse Made an Album. It Only Took 11 Years. //Mar 5, 2019//

Via @grayareas. Excited for this to come out. I’ve enjoyed both singles thus far.

Paul Schrader Doesn’t Hate the Netflix Model Like Steven Spielberg, But He Thinks He Has a Solution to the Issue //Mar 6, 2019//

I’m not sure I get his solution fully.

AT&T’s New HBO Chief Criticizes Netflix, Says It Doesn’t Have a Brand’ //Mar 6, 2019//

Says the guy who is is now part of the company that pushed out the CEO who created the brand and is now looking to dilute it creating more and pushing for increased profits. ::eyeroll::

Helen Oyeyemi writes like a feral fairy godmother. Her new book Gingerbread is true to form. //Mar 7, 2019//

Sounds interesting. Going to add this to my Tsundoku.

Inside Podcasting - The Last Bohemians ////

More Luminary talk. Found the Adam Davidson thread a little interesting. Although I still think all podcasts should have an RSS feed. Have password protected feeds or user specific feeds. Stratechery does user specific RSS feeds. Much much smaller scale but I’m sure some smart people can figure it out.

Some Observations on Leaving Neverland //Mar 4, 2019//

Lots of thought out into this from Kottke. I can appreciate that.

To: h0p3 From: Twelvety //Mar 4, 2019//

To: kicks From: h0p3 ////

Good day for Wikis! Love seeing the correspondence between others like this. I also realized I had Canion’s recent changes filtered to Journal entries only the last week so I caught up on lots there.

Inside Podcasting - LinkedIn’s inaugural podcast, launches today. ////

The whole Luminary thing is interesting. Ultimately, it seems a bit locked down. And I couldn’t tell if they’d have private RSS feeds or not so I could still use Overcast.

Apple Streaming Service May Be Delayed, CEO Tells Showrunners Don’t Be So Mean!” //Mar 3, 2019//


Treasured Subscribers by Robin Sloan

His second short story mail offering. Love this concept and I’ve enjoyed both stories. Only $0.89 and a little one pager pamphlet deal gets delivered in the mail. Reading this I thought it felt a lot like Sourdough. I chalked it up to it being the same author, but at the end he notes this was part of what eventually led to Sourdough. Not really related story-wise, but it had that same feeling.

Guillermo del Toro Writing and Directing Secret Bad Robot Project Zanbato’ //Feb 28, 2019//

Not much substance here, but I love del Toro, both his films and just him as a person. Always look forward to his stuff.

Did You Hear? Steven Spielberg Hates Netflix — /Film

I get it… But no matter what, Roma deserved to be at the Oscar’s. That’s a movie where it’s probably difficult to get the funding and distribution (besides the fact is Curon), but Netflix did it. Maybe this is blasphemy, but unless Spielberg is going to fund beautiful, small movies, or even just make a beautiful, small movie than I’d rather him let this go.


Year of the Meteor - Evening Snow, Utagawa Hiroshige, 1797–1861 ////

Sloan and Ellis delivering the wonderful Sunday goodness as always.

The Ringer Guide to Streaming in March //Mar 1, 2019//

Want the tools to help you achieve your goals and hire talent? ////

Definitely overreacting about the Apple guidelines. Alex Jones is a fucking lunatic. Coffee and Flowers sounds interesting. Going to give it a go.

Kevin Smith Talks Howard the Duck’ Animated Series Influences, Hypes Up MODOK and Hit-Monkey’ Footage //Feb 28, 2019//

I continue to be super excited for all of these. This is more exciting than Endgame.

Michael Cohen’s parting shot: I fear what happens if Trump loses in 2020 //Feb 27, 2019//

I’ve already touched on the hearing through some of my listening logs. I don’t have much more to add. I thought his statements were eloquent. But it’s hard to look past his history. I 100% believe he is telling the truth though.

Karl-Anthony Towns Turned Near-Disaster Into Opportunity. He’s Been Doing That All Year. //Feb 26, 2019//

Good for him. Butler leaving really has been a turning point for him. Now they just need to surround him with some talent other than Wiggins.

The Spurs’ Rough Road Trip Might Lead to a Rougher April //Feb 26, 2019//

I still have the Spurs making the playoffs.

Ben Simmons Shot a 3 Monday Night. His Next Step Is to Make One. //Feb 26, 2019//

This isn’t something I’d be focusing on now. He’s going to be given the shit, he’s not going to make it. Let him worry about it over the summer and make a big push next year.

Passing Tones: The Unusual, Unmissable Development of Trae Young //Feb 27, 2019//

He really has grown into something exciting. The passing is crazy and some of the shots he’s pulling up for and making are even crazier.

Nibs, Ink and Paper

Agreed. Need to find more time for this type of analog in my life.

Ridgeline 008: Charcoal //Feb 24, 2019//

I never knew there was so much to learn about charcoal.

Outlier Grid Linen Towel //Feb 25, 2019//

I have one that I occasionally use. Should get some more. I have wanted a smaller one…

The Nib - Behind Trump’s Incoherent Wall Tweets ////

Not too shabby.

Inside Beer ////

Lots of interesting stuff this time. And a mention of Hopsy, which I hope can get some more breweries in Chicago signed up.

Movie Color Palettes //Feb 25, 2019//

Wonderful. Inspired me to go back through some of my color palettes in Adobe Capture. Going to start loading these on my image log. Will share once the domain is changed.

Luca Guadagnino to Direct HBO Limited Series We Are Who We Are’ //Feb 25, 2019//

Haven’t seen the Suspira remake get. But this sounds excellent.

NextDraft - SELFIES STICK //Feb 25, 2019//

Great issue.

Flat-Earther Proves in Simple Experiment that the Earth Is Round //Feb 25, 2019//

Kottke shared some great stuff today.

Year of the Meteor Week 9 it’s available to order now ////

Nice issue here. Sloan has another $0.89 printed story, so I jumped at that after enjoying his last one, The Sleep Consultant.

The Nib - A Bottomless Well of Actuallys ////

These were great today.

Inside Podcasting - Jussie Smollett / Gimlet acquisition on Startup / The Daily’s newsletter ////


List: How to Prepare for Your Fresh Air Interview with Terry Gross

This was great. Resembles my work day quite a bit.

Phoenix Suns Rookie Deandre Ayton Is Tired of Tanking - The Ringer

Tough to blame the guy. But that’s life. Do better.

Seven-Color Tea - Gastro Obscura

This does not look like something I’d want to drink. I’d try it, but…


Reading Ellis’ newsletter every weekend is just home for me.

The Chicago Bulls Might Have a Proper Rebuild on Their Hands - The Ringer


REDEF ORIGINAL: Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think

This hits a lot of key points and the idea of the metaverse has fascinated me for awhile. I’m both excited and scared of it, but ultimately I hope it’s not Fortnite that gets there first because I have zero interest in it.

Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter ////


Where to Find Chicago’s Best Bitter Cocktails

Saving this. I’ve been to The Drifter many times. Need to check out the others.

CERN, Lisa-Brennan Jobs, Running with Murakami //Feb 23, 2019//

Great stuff from Craig. If I had the money right now I’d join his membership program. Hopefully, once I get my move figured out.

Russian Doll’ Director Leslye Headland to Direct Will Ferrell in FIFA Corruption Movie //Feb 22, 2019//

This project sounds phenomenal.

My 2019 Oscar Night Predictions //Feb 21, 2019//

About right.

Animated Features Forthcoming From John Lasseter’s New Studio //Feb 21, 2019//

Hilarious piece for McSweeney’s. But also depressing given all the shit people have gotten away with.

It Looks Like Showtime Will Let Desus and Mero Be Their True Bronx Selves //Feb 22, 2019//

In lieu with the watching, I read the Ringer review afterwards. It nails it completely.

The Apple Bank ////

Seems inevitable.

Simple sleep tracking with Shortcuts //Feb 22, 2019//

Interesting idea. Seems tedious in practice. I get tired of just charging my Fitbit every morning.

Flickr Fabulous //Feb 20, 2019//

I signed up for a Pro account and have auto-upload on, but I’m not sure I’m getting as much use out of it as I could be. Right now it’s mostly a backup for me, and I want to utilize its other features more.

Werner Herzog on reading and writing //Feb 19, 2019//

Read, read, read. I’m trying Werner, I’m trying.

We Promise the Manny Machado–Padres Marriage Is a Good Thing //Feb 19, 2019//

Glad to see him get a well deserved deal. Hope it means success for the city. Now on to Harper.

Fiction Podcast Debuts: January Roundup //Feb 16, 2019//

Some good stuff in here. I’ve added a few first episodes to my podcast queue based on this:

Process of Elimination: Casting the Next Batman //Feb 19, 2019//

I’d love to see Andre Holland as Batman.

An intercourse with the world //Feb 20, 2019//

Crowd Goes Nuts for Extremely Satisfying DVD Logo Bounce //Feb 19, 2019//

Pretty funny.

Inaide Podcasting - 1. The Winter Podcast Upfronts were Wednesday, bringing us a slew of shows to get excited about. ////

Some interesting tidbits.

Inside Beer - modernize and market this corn-based beer. ////


Michael B. Jordan Will Star in Journal for Jordan’ For Director Denzel Washington //Feb 20, 2019//

Interesting. Need more info before I develop thoughts on this project.

Om - Tim & Lauren Get Married //Feb 18, 2019//

The Nib - Penny Wise, Pound Foolish ////

Six Colors - A week of podcasting with only an iPad Pro //Feb 19, 2019//

Cool to see the process. Stuff like this will hopefully get better as time goes on.

The Ringer’s 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Big Board 1.0 //Feb 20, 2019//

Stoked. I think I’d be okay with the Bulls getting seven of the top eight here.


Wonderful little story about a videogame shop. This continues to be an excellent newsletter.

Mister Gotcha Vs. The Green New Deal ////

The last comic was good.

Underwear Roundup //Feb 18, 2019//

I own the Y Athletics Merino boxer briefs as well as the original Wool and Prince ones. The W&P 2.0 look like they could be a game changer though.

Ridgeline - Cycles, Circuits, Collisions, Colliders //Feb 17, 2019//

A wonderful issue of Ridgeline from Craig Mod yet again. The comparisons here are a piece of art. This might be my least favorite photo featured by Craig thus far though.

Inside Podcasting ////

Some good fiction stuff from Bello.

Roger Stone appeared to threaten his judge on Instagram. She’s now ordered him back to court. //Feb 19, 2019//

What a piece of work.

Amazon’s Film Plans: Sexy Date Night Movies, a Shifting Theatrical Release Model, and More //Feb 18, 2019//

Content content and more content.

Inside Beer - 2. Rancid will headline a touring punk rock and craft beer festival. ////

Not much if interest to me in this one.

Scripting.com - If I were CEO of the NYT //Feb 18, 2019//

I like a lot of what Dave has to say here. I’ve found a lot of his asks if the journalism industry unreasonable or at least difficult to act on. This feels like something the NY Times could implement if they wanted to. I don’t know how much I’d want to lean on these as sources though if I were the Times.

Kleon Katchup

Make an appointment with the page //Feb 11, 2019//

Pencil shade //Feb 12, 2019//

Not waving but drowning //Feb 13, 2019//

The Yamaha //Feb 17, 2019//

What I say when I don’t know what to say //Feb 18, 2019//

Kottke Katchup

W.E.B. Du Bois’ Data Portraits of Black American Circa 1900 //Feb 12, 2019//

How People Spent Sudden Financial Windfalls //Feb 18, 2019//

Inside Podcasting - Podcasters now have more revenue models than ever.

I disagree that Spotify is growing faster than they can afford. Is their current route costing a lot of money? Yes. But they know exactly what they are doing in order to offset the cost they pay to the music labels.

Inside Beer - already announcing

There’s just too much beer out there, making it hard not to want to try something new at every stop. Luckily for me, I love right next to a craft beer store, which gets some great Chicago craft brews, most of the time of beers that are only brewed in low quantities. FOMO kicks in a lot with these because if you don’t buy it now, you have to wait a year to try again.

My Recent Media Diet, the Please God Let Winter Be Over Soon” Edition //Feb 17, 2019//

Good stuff in here. I like that he threw in a standing desk. Might actually buy this after I move.

The Umbrella Academy’ Showrunner Drew Inspiration From The Royal Tenenbaums’ and Children of Men’ Interview //Feb 17, 2019//

Both seem like apt comparisons. Not in the sense of quality, although I’ve been loving it through three episodes, but those are very high bars to meet.

Kuo: 16-inch MacBook Pro, 31-inch 6K display, iPhones w/ upgraded Face ID & bilateral wireless charging coming in 2019 //Feb 17, 2019//

Lots of interesting stuff here. I’m in for the new AirPods and probably an iPad since I’ve been flirting with the new Pro’s for months. I’ll probably take a look at the mini instead if it’s appealing enough of an offering.


Great bit at the end about serials vs series in comics and the shift to more serials, he supposes as a vehicle to strike gold in Hollywood. I’ve always been partial to serials. But, reading this does make me miss the long on-going series I used to read when I was younger.

Year of the Meteor: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Just enjoy Robin’s writing and getting a glimpse into his (and Warren’s mind).

​​​​​​​Google will expand finance team to Chicago, adding hundreds’ of jobs //Feb 14, 2019//

Interesting. Might give it a look when the jobs get listed.

We made a book trailer //Feb 14, 2019//

Great stuff from Kleon.

lightning //Feb 14, 2019//

Nice little story.

The Assassination of Fred Hampton

A couple good, little political comics.

The House Takes on America’s Voting-Rights Problem //Feb 17, 2018//

Let’s hope they can be successful.

Inside Sean Lennon’s Seussian Music Studio //Feb 17, 2018//

Fascinating. Didn’t know about his band The Claypool Lennon Delirium. THey have a nice psychedelic sound.

Turning Up the Heat on Bad Landlords //Feb 17, 2018//

People who pull this kind of shit should have more punishment than just a slap on the wrist. It’s fucked up.

Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’ //Apr 10, 2018//

People who do/say this kind of shit should be punished. It’s fucked up.

Marvel’s Loki’ Series Lands Rick Morty’ Writer as Showrunner, Plot Sounds Like Quantum Leap’ //Feb 14, 2019//

This could be really really really good. Could.

Cemetery Beach 4+5

Catching up on this comic from Warren Ellis. Story isn’t much, it’s essentially a bombastic action comic.

The Cost of Apple News //Feb 12, 2019//

Touched on it on TIV but I’m really looking forward to seeing what they unveil. I hope they get a lot of publications onboard and are able to handle it elegantly. Issues are something I’m interested to see how they handle. For me it’s important to have an issue of the New Yorker or Economist to go through. With Apple News, I have a feeling issues will mostly just disappear.

How Russian Doll’ flirts with psychedelic therapy //Feb 11, 2019//

Really interesting to learn more about ketamine, a drug referenced in the show, and how it actually relates to a lot of the aspects in the show. Makes me appreciate it even more even if it wasn’t in the creators original intentions.

Why do so many book covers still use the phrase for works of fiction? //Feb 14, 2019//

How novel.

The Bello Collective ////

First issue of this newsletter I’ve read. Lots of good podcast talk.

Inside Podcasting

Voyage to the Stars sounds like a fun improv fiction podcast with some heavy hitters.

Amazon won’t be building HQ2 in new York City after all //Feb 14, 2019//

This whole ordeal has been a shit show.

The Academy Clarifies Controversial Oscars Plans for Announcing Categories; Scorsese, Tarantino and More Blast Decision in Open Letter //Feb 13, 2019//

This is better, and if it were me, I’d probably say okay. But I’m glad to see people continue to push back.

Inside Beer

Nothing really stood out in this newsletter.

Watch Grassley get angry when McConnell interrupts him to announce Trump’s emergency declaration //Feb 14, 2019//

Pretty funny initial reaction. Still, an emergency declaration is ridiculous.

When Your Shared Netflix Account Outlasts The Relationship //Feb 13, 2019//

This doesn’t surprise me. But come on people, don’t continue to use your exes account. Especially if you have to fight over what’s currently playing. Leave them be.

The Machine Stops //Feb 10, 2019//

Really great essay from Oliver Sacks.

You Will Thank Me //Feb 17, 2018//

Another snoozer from the Shours & Murmors in the New Yorker.

All Your Subscriber Base Are Belong To Us

Really interested to see what Apple does both with their news service, as I’ve touched on before, but also with their TV/streaming service, which has some heavy hitters to launch with based on what information is out there today.

TSA - Behind the Boxscore: Toronto on its mark //Feb 11, 2019//

This is going to become a must subscribe for me1. Fantastic and entertaining NBA game recaps.

kottke - The Water Dancer, a Forthcoming Novel by Ta-Nehisi Coates //Feb 11, 2019//

This book sounds interesting. Going to create a reference page for it.

Almost Every Recent DC Movie Rumor You’ve Heard is Wrong According to a New Report //Feb 12, 2019//

Intriguing. Nothing newsworthy here, didn’t even know about half of the rumors.

Hollywood is Not Happy About Oscar Ceremony Cuts — Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron and More React //Feb 12, 2019//

It’s a shame really.

Ghost Draft’: Chris Pratt Teaming With LEGO Batman’ Director Chris McKay For New Sci-Fi Film //Feb 12, 2019//

Don’t have high hopes for this. Similar to the Chris Evans sci-fi news yesterday. Hopefully one of them will be good. All the Marvel Chris’ going to New sci-fi projects.

Brave New World’ TV Series Coming to USA Network //Feb 12, 2019//

This has an awesome team behind it. I’ve actually never read it but I have the audiobook. I should listen to it soon.

Benedict Cumberbatch Cast as Satan in Amazon’s Good Omens’, Premiere Date Revealed //Feb 12, 2019//


The Russo Brothers’ Mysterious Amazon Show is a Global Spy Series” With International Spin-Offs Coming //Feb 12, 2019//



First read of this newsletter. Not sold on it.

  1. I currently only am subscribed to the free updates.

Y’all wanna hear the Red Bull story? I once spent like a week in 2013 reading about it, but that was before I became a Twitter fiend

Via Om, interesting Twitter thread on the Red Bull founder.

The Evidence Mounts: Uber/Lyft Are Bad for Our Cities //Feb 11, 2019//

Curious what this looks like in five years. Most likely, publications transit will be in shambles as the pace continues. I wonder if a sound balance can be found.

Burning Man Comes Out Against Instagram Influencers and Coachella-ification //Feb 10, 2019//

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Instagram seems to be a lot of people’s happy place, but it just seems like a place ripe for a reckoning.

Abstractions //Feb 11, 2019//

Stunning picture.

Schumer calls out TTB delays / Beer sale up in January / All about Marzen

No big takeaways here. I find it funny how they predict trends. Also I remember reading about the beer label approval process years ago. I thought this was lightened immensely due to all the crazy labels out there. Maybe not.

Chris Evans Goes Infinite’ With Potential New Science Fiction Franchise //Feb 11, 2019//

50 bucks says this franchise becomes a flop. Too much franchise for franchise sake. Maybe the people behind it will really dig in and find something special to do, but I have a feeling it’s going to be very much a paint by number sci-fi franchise.

Who Owns An Asteroid? - the Nib

Some good ones in there today.

Which Note Taking App Should I Use?

Drafts is the answer for me. It can do everything and continues to evolve into its own little text ecosystem.

The Cafe With a View of the Waterfall

This was delightful. Best issue or Ridgeline yet.


Good issue of NextDraft.

internet brain

New, to me, newsletter. Raw and resonate.

Catching up on last week’s Talk of the Towns


Okay issue. Looking forward to Cemetery Beach wrapping up and Trees and Injection coming back.

Year if Meteor 7: I love his whole deal here

Nice issue from Robin Sloan as well.

Pamela Adlon, the TV Auteur Hiding in Plain Sight

Fantastic piece. Need to give Better Things a watch. Loved Pamela as Marcy in Californication.

YES PLZ Issue 010

Nice little issue on the USPS.

Kleon newsletter

This is one of the newsletter’s I’ve been following the longest. As I’ve added a bunch, and am now looking to get rid of a few, I question how much I actually get out of this since I read his blog daily. I still think, given the history, this will make the cut.

Assume away

Great little piece.

Love what you do in front of the kids in your life


Buy the Cheap Thing First

This is great advice, which I forget far too often.

Vida Libre & an amazing new Insulin pill

Really intriguing stuff. Not applicable to me, but still good to see things like this advancing in the world.

Me Cookie Monster. Ask Me Anything.

Glad Tim shared this on kottke.org. Very fun.

A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions

This writer, Ian Parker, does a great job of painting Mallory as a crazy person. The article seems a little disorganized, but was fascinating nonetheless. I went in thinking I might give Mallory’s novel a try, but I don’t think he is the type of person I want to support, especially with the wealth of great books out there already.

My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft

Touching story.

Signs That Something Might Be Going Around the Office

I usually love the Shouts & Murmurs articles, but this one wasn’t great.

Jill Abramson & Crytpoamnesia


No thank you, Mr. Pecker

Good for Jeff. Glad to see people fighting against the abhorrent National Enquire.

001 / The Art of Information Hoarding

Wonderful first issue of @kaa’s new newsletter.

Ferociously Scary Things

Craig Mod is one of the most delightful writers. This issue of Ridgeline is no different.

Snakes & Ladders

Second issue I’ve read of this newsletter. Going to give it one more before unsubscribing.

uncanny townies

Second issue I read of this newsletter too. Got two book recommendations, The Town and Milkman, so I’ll definitely stick with this a little longer.


Need to watch Random Acts of Flyness. Also saved issue two to Instapaper as it looks like it touches on Tierra Whack’s Whack World.

Welcome to Issue 002

Two issues in to Type, I don’t know if I’m getting anything out of this new newsletter. With so many, it needs to be great.

Behind the Boxscore: Philly is sick

The Second Arrangement. Great basketball newsletter. Considering subscribing as it is a Substack newsletter, which is new to me.

The Straightforward Trashiness of I Am the Night”

Not really surprised by this. Still want to watch it.

I Like Sports

Humorous in the most basic sense of humor. I guess.

Betting on the Super Bowl in the Year of the American Sports Gambler

Pretty funny reading this after the super bowl. Looks like he hit on his Tom Brady unders.

Fear and Loathing and Fine Art in Velvet Buzzsaw’

Wonderful review that captures how I felt about it to a tee.

Brexit Enters the Realm of Science Fiction

I keep looking at this situation, wondering how they got themselves in it, and then I look at our own government and continue to be baffled. What the fuck is wrong with the world?

What Can You Do with a General

Almost forgot about this after I read it. Well written, but bland and angry and sad for my liking.

On solitude, and being who you are

Loved this.

The Hedonic Appeal of Dreyer’s English”

Sounds interesting. Might pick this up since I haven’t really read a book on writing since being back in school.

Wisconsin’s Foxconn Debacle Keeps Getting Worse

Not surprised. Feel bad for my neighbors up north.

The Trump-Russia Investigation and the Mafia State

This makes a lot of sense. I definitely don’t think Trump is smart enough to play along.

Cat Person

I can see why this became viral when it was originally released. Might pick up her book of shot stories.

Kristaps Porzingis Is Now a Maverick, and He May Have Opened Pandora’s Box

Lots of KP content today.