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Creation: February 15, 2019
Updated: May 21, 2019

Probably my favorite brewery at the moment. They’ve basically mastered the hazy IPA, which I can’t get enough of.


//210519// Holy moly what a week we have in store for us. A milkshake double ipa, a triple ipa, and a collab double ipa. All new brews for me. I’m going to go poor…

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Arbitrary Rankings

  1. Blazed Orange
  2. Normalize the Signal
  3. Cosmic Fountain
  4. Tavern Cut
  5. Neon Green Relish
  6. Loophole Technicality
  7. Ribbit
  8. Circumpolar Cherry Cyclone
  9. Megabite
  10. Unwind Your Mind
  11. Double Grid
  12. Swans Of Lir
  13. Mirror Ball
  14. Galaxy Traveling Scientist
  15. Green Moss
  16. Halogen Farm
  17. Numerous Different Things
  18. Your Wish Is Granted
  19. Symbols Of Math
  20. Grid
  21. Waveburst
  22. Good Ryes Wear Black
  23. A Wintery Mix

Upcoming //170522//

All the Marbles triple ipa

ABV: 10.0% ABV

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Vic Secret & Citra

Super Deep in the Groove double ipa

(A Resident Culture Brewing Collaboration)

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Citra & Triumph

Galaxy Bowl Riff milkshake double ipa

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Galaxy & Citra


Halogen Farm double ipa

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Vic Secret & Simcoe

Solid hazy. Nothing mind blowing. Super smooth.

Numerous Different Things milkshake double ipa //100519//

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Mosaic & Simcoe

Was really looking forward to this one, but it fell flat for me a bit. Compared to their other milkshake double IPAs, it was on the watery side. There was some good flavor hidden in there but it just didn’t back the punch their others do.

Blazed Orange Milkshake milkshake double IPA

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Citra & Strata

//100519// Cementing itself as the best for me. Enjoyed this second batch during Warriors/Rockets game six. So so good.

//290319// Sooooooo good. It’s exactly what I hoped for and is notched as my second favorite Hop Butcher beer. Nothing may ever beat Neon Green Relish though as it was the first beer from them that really clicked for me and now I hold it in high esteem, but it’s just been so long.

Double Grid double ipa //030519//

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Citra & Mosaic

Wonderful double. Was worried about this one given the shared name with Grid, but it exceeded expectations for me. Hop Butcher really just isn’t an American pale ale brewery.

Neon Green Relish double ipa

Hops: Citra & Sabro

ABV: 7.5%

//190122// This is the beer where I instantly became in love with Hop Butcher. Still probably my favorite of their brews. Only was able to get one can, but it was worth it.

//190419// Second release of this for me. Still sooo good, but I might drop it down a notch in my rankings. I think I held it in too high regards due to it being so early.

Cosmic Fountain double IPA //190411//

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Citra, Waimea, Mosaic

Almost as smooth as Loophole Technicality, but with flavor and taste bursting through like Neon Green Relish. Another amazing hazy double.

Your Wish Is Granted w/ Galaxy DH double IPA

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Galaxy

Best non-hazy beer I’ve had from Hop Butcher.

Loophole Technicality double IPA //190405//

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Amarillo, Strata & Galaxy

Probably the smoothest IPA Hop Butcher has ever made. It’s almost too smooth. Wow.

Good Ryes Wear Black black rye IPA //190405//

ABV: 6.0% ABV

Hops: Cascade, Citra

Black IPAs aren’t really my thing, but I had to give it a try. Solid beer, but again, just not to my taste.

Waveburst american pale ale //190329//

ABV: 5.75% ABV

Hops: Denali, Sabro & Lotus

This was fine. I thought I was really going to like it at first but it had a bit of an aftertaste to it that knocked it down a few pegs.

Green Moss double IPA //190322//

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Citra & Simcoe

Solid hazy double IPA. A little on the dank side for me, so it ends up a little lower than some others but still a great brew overall.

Swans of Lir milkshake double IPA //190313//

ABV: 7.5% ABV

Hops: Citra & Cashmere

(An Eagle Park Brewing Collaboration)

Really interesting milkshake IPA. You can definitely taste the hint of mint. I’m usually not a big fan of mint, but Hop Butcher milkshake IPAs are just so good, that despite the mint, it was still an enjoyable brew.

A Wintry Mix imperial brown ale //190309//

Hops: Warrior

ABV: 9%

Not really my cup of tea. Not a brown ale guy. It’s fine. Just a completely different taste than I tend to look for.

Normalize the Signal double IPA //190309//

Hops: Mosaic & Sabro

ABV: 7.5%

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Sabro is a hop from the heavens. Right up there with Tavern Cut and Neon Green Relish. I’d love to see a Sabro, Citra, Vic Secret Hazy double from Hop Butcher.

Symbols of Math double IPA //03/01/19//

Hops: Vic Secret, Sabro & Simcoe

ABV: 7.5%

Very fine double IPA. I think this is the first double I’ve had from Hop Butcher not of the hazy variety. It’s the perfect amount of bitter and still packs more flavor than most other doubles, besides their own. A little bit of dankness sneaks it’s way in which lowers the quality in my opinion.

Megabite double IPA //02/27/19//

Hops: Citra & Amarillo

ABV: 7.5%

Tasty IPA. Strong with the bitterness, which is a positive in my book, and had a bit of a citrus bite, where the bite was definitely more powerful than the citrus. Still enjoyable but this double doesn’t end up at the top of the list with Relish and Tavern.

Tavern Cut double IPA //02/22/19//

Hops: Citra & Vic Secret

ABV: 7.5%

So good. This is up there with Neon Green Relish for sure. There’s so much flavor and the perfect amount of bitterness for a double IPA like this. It almost seems velvety in a way that I can’t understand or even begin to describe.

Grid american pale ale //02/15/19//

Hops: Citra & Mosaic

ABV: 5.75%

Another American pale ale. I’m realizing I much prefer their ipa’s. The dank”-ness as they and other breweries refer to, isn’t my favorite taste in a beer. This one is still pretty good though. It’s the brightest, both in taste and look of any of their beers I’ve had.

Unwind Your Mind double ipa //02/15/19//

Hops: Mosaic & Motueka & El Dorado

ABV: 7.5%

Excellent brew. Probably my second favorite Hop Butcher beer behind Neon Green Relish. The smooth haziness of their doubles is something to marvel at. This one had a nice hint of tropical flavor behind it that provides a nice variety.

Circumpolar Cherry Cyclone milkshake double ipa //02/08/19//

Hops: Citra & Strata

ABV: 7.5%

Very similar to Ribbit, this time with a cherry flavor as opposed to the strawberry flavor in Ribbit. Excellent here as well. Can’t decide which one I like more between the two.

Galaxy Traveling Scientist american pale ale //02/07/19//

Hops: Galaxy (& Arcane Distilled Hop Oils)

ABV: 5.75%

Solid brew. Don’t have much to say really. Probably my least favorite of Hop Butcher beers but it’s still very good. This is an American Pale Ale, and hits a bit of fruitiness that feels off just a tad bit to me.

Mirror Ball double ipa //02/06/19//

Hops: Mosaic & Centennial & Citra

ABV: 7.5%

So smooth and light that I didn’t even realize it was a IIPA. Still, so much flavor comes through and the smoothness, which is a common theme among Hop Butcher beers, even when the flavor reaches the high levels of bitterness, which I love anyways.

Ribbit milkshake double ipa //12/2018//

Hops: Citra & Strata

ABV: 7.5%

The first beer I had from Hop Butcher, on tap at my local craft beer store. Wasn’t completely sold on it as it was packed with strawberry flavor, something I wasnt used to with an IPA. When Hop Butcher labels a beer as a Milkshake IPA, they mean it.


Two-Flat american pale ale

ABV: 5.75% ABV

Hops: Amarillo, Simcoe & Idaho 7

Skipped because I just haven’t enjoyed their American pale ales.

The World’s Colombian Coffee Exposition imperial coffee stout

ABV: 10.0% ABV

Hops: UK Phoenix, HBC 472

Last Canned: March 12, 2019

2017 Can Can Awards - Bronze Medal Winner (Imperial Stout Category)

Could have picked this up. But instead I decided to save my money since I don’t like stouts much.

Old Notes

//190308// Was able to secure two cans of A Wintery Mix, which I thought I missed last week. Also picked up Normalize the Signal today so tasting notes will be coming for both.

//190215// They are new to me, only discovering then in December of 2018, although looking back I remember seeing their cans and just passing by. Boy was that a mistake. Everytime I hear the store by me has a fresh batch I rush over to pick up whatever they received.

//190216// Another nice thing with them being from the Chicagoland area, when they can a beer, I’m buying it from the store the next day so I know it’s always fresh.

//190327// Rearranged some parts here to make things more clear. Old notes are now at the bottom.


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