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Creation: February 21, 2019
Updated: February 22, 2019


At the moment, I’m completely obsessed with following others’ Wikis. It’s a fascinating thing and 99% of the inspiration for this little weblog. I’m still considering changing this to TiddlyWiki, but I love how much I can do with Blot on iOS.

⦗h0p3’s Wiki⦘ — Y3, 2 Ticktock clock - my biggest inspiration for this weblog. The format and honesty and all-encompassing-iness. It’s a fascinating piece of the interweb.

Jack Baty’s Wiki — A sort of Rudimentary Lathe - my favorite wiki follow. A good blend of a lot of the things I’m interested in.

Josh’s Wiki

Notes to Self — Phil Nunnally — Twelvety

sphygmusᛝ ᛝ ᛝ — lucid.

Andrew Canion’s Wiki - recent




As much as I try to get away from Instagram it’s a central place for a lot of stuff I like to follow. I keep the app on my phone with my personal account and follow friends and family there. But for art and other stuff I have a second account I keep open in Safari. This is in order to keep me from opening it fifty times a day, as I am one to do. Please note, some of these accounts may be considered a bit racey by some. You have been notified.















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