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Creation: //030619//
Updated: June 3, 2019

To start out, I still plan on using Humdrum.Life to think things through, log references and information for myself, at last for the time being.

But the reading/watching/listening logs have moved to my Link page on TIV. My Media Diet can also be found there.

Humdrum has been a good exercise for me, but ultimately my preference (at least for now) is to keep things in one place1.

I’ve also automated the Link page to save myself some time. One Siri shortcut sends an article, podcast, or YouTube video to the top of the page with title, link, author, and date as well as a corresponding leading emoji based on the type.

  1. I’m breaking that a little bit by keeping this around, but I still find it useful to have a place to think things through and remember them. That’s what this is for. I’m still deciding how to handle things as I type this out.


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