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Updated: May 20, 2019

Who’s (Still) Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf Gang? //180519//

The Ten Thunders - Orbital Operations 19 May 19

☄️ Week 21, all is foretold

The Supreme Court Rules Against Apple, In Favor of the Dissent, The Implications of Apple v Pepper //130519//

Disney Takes Full Control of Hulu, Disney’s Organization, The Streaming Struggle //140519//

Thompson: They’re Brady and Gronk’ — Stephen Curry and Draymond Green stand together, again, to take down a Warriors playoff foe ////

This article did a great job capturing the greatness of basketball and why k love to watch and follow the goings-on of the game. Although Curry and Green bring the main pieces of the game from each polar, it’s Klay’s equator and willingness to go along with everything that make this Warriors trio an all-time great. Yes, I know Durant elevates them, but he will always be the fourth wheel in a trio that went to great lengths to cement themselves before he decided to join forces.


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