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Updated: May 15, 2019

For Liverpool, the Premier League season was about great strides, not a narrow title miss //120519//

Can’t wait for next season. And the CL Finals!

In Kawhi Leonard’s Hands, Anything Is Possible ////

Reading this on my Kindle, I couldn’t see the author, but two paragraphs in I could tell it was Danny Chau. He has a unique voice, which I love.

The Unearned Madness of Daenerys Targaryen ////


The Celtics, My Father, and Me //030519//

This had me tearing up this morning.

⫹⫺ Ridgeline: 019 — Root Appreciation

Harrowing story.

Tiger Woods named in wrongful death lawsuit involving former employee //140519//

Yikes. I don’t think they should be able to be held responsible in this type of situation though.

How did Mayor Rahm Emmanuel Change Transportation? ////

Cool overview.

Feature Film: Second Round ////

Good look. The Curry pick and roll was the big one.

Marvel and Jonathan Hickman Unveil Plans for Whole New Era’ of X-Men //140519//

I’m in. Haven’t read a Marvel book in so long, let alone X-Men, which I never really got into.

28% of Netflix Users Claim They Will Cancel When Disney, Marvel, Star Wars Leave the Service //130519//

Doubt it.

Adult Swim Orders Primal’ Animated Series From Creator of Samurai Jack’ //130519//

I’m in. Never got into Samurai Jack, but I think that’s something I need to fix.


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