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Updated: May 15, 2019

Let’s Get Ready to Conference Finals! | The Mismatch //130519//


The Freshman: Rashida Tlaib, Part 2 //130519//

Great interview.

S4E4 - See You Again by Tyler, The Creator //130519//

The motif stuff was great. Maybe a bit too much emphasis on it, but it was still great.

TV Talk Machine 216: Hit the Cord With the Scissors //080519//

Good episode.

WITH A PENCIL: John Wick Chapter 2 //080519//

Fun look at the film. I did Rembert.

The fight for your face //130519//

Don’t even remember…

517 - Pokémon Detective Pikachu //130519//

Listened to all but the spoiler section. I’m still looking forward to seeing this. Skipped it last Friday to watch Warriors/Rockets.


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