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Updated: May 14, 2019

The Daily - John Bolton’s Plan for Iran //120519//

Not a fan of how they are approaching this. It just doesn’t look good to back out of anything done by your predecessor, especially on a global scale.

The Four Bounces Heard Round the World: Kawhi’s Raptors Advance | Heat Check //120519//

Doink! What a fucking shot.

Kawhi Kills Philly, No KD, No Problem, Houston’s Curse, and Throne Game With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast //120519//

Solid episode.

Rights to Ricky Sanchez - Quadruple Doink ////

The disappointment in their voices was palpable. Too bad for them but Phila has some runway still. It’ll be an interesting off-season for them.

Today, Explained - Life sentence, no trial //120519//


Lowe Post: Chris Herring //120519//


Exponent 170 — A Perfect Meal //090519//

Zoned out a bit while cooking.

Science Vs. Placebo: Can the Mind Cure You? //080519//

The brain is such a fascinating thing. I wonder if there are any downsides to manipulating the brain into placebos. Especially in the example with training it to think it is getting more oxygen.


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