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Updated: May 13, 2019

Philadelphia Loves the Sixers Again—for Now //100519//

Ha! Hindsight.

The Wachowskis Will Be Involved With The Matrix’ Reboot After All, Says Chad Stahelski //090519//

This doesn’t sound definitive at all.

Refuturing: 22C //090519//


The Schedule (May 2019) //090519//


What happens when basketball dad LeBron James, Bronny Jr. and top freshman Emoni Bates collide at your AAU event? //100519//

Meh article.

Night Morning Space - Orbital Operations 12 May 19

Good stuff.

☄️ Week 20, the curiosity has gained an avatar

Great stuff.

Dead Pig Collector - Warren Ellis

Absolutely loved this story. I’d love to see more stories about Mr. Sun.

You Can Count on Playoff Kawhi. But What About the Rest of the Raptors? //300419//

Apparently it doesn’t matter. At least against Phila. Hindiu.

Can the Clippers Cash in on Their Free Agency Hopes? //260419//

They are getting Kawhi. That’s all they need as he has shown in Toronto. Hopefully they are able to keep most of their prices as well still.

For the Clippers to Take the Next Step, They May Need to Say Goodbye to the Most Beloved Team in Franchise History //260419//

Maybe. Maybe not. See above.


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