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Updated: May 10, 2019

They Might Be Giants: Can the Warriors channel the Steph Curry-powered past? ////

Game six is going to be crazy.

Newsletter Development: 4 //080519//

I love the breakdown here and how he is working to make it more collaborative. I’d love to get my art in his newsletter. That’d be too cool.

The Only Living Band In New York //010519//

Interesting look at VW. I never really viewed them like that.

Anna Sorokin: judge sentences fake German heiress to up to 12 years in prison //090519//

Not surprised.

Chicago’s deal to leave Bridgeview could be a game-changer for the club and MLS //090519//

Given I’m planning on moving into the city, and that even if I didn’t, this move would make the team closer to me, I’m stoked.

What Did Tesla Do Now? //130917//

Pointless (United) //080519//

Barack Obama’s Spring 2019 Book Recommendations //070519//

The Microbots Are on Their Way //290419//

Pretty crazy. I feel like this could also be used in bad ways though.

Ask the Maester: Everything We Know About the Night King As We Bid Adieu //300419//

Some good stuff here.


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