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Updated: May 7, 2019

Tim Ferriss #368: Amanda Palmer on Creativity, Pain, and Art //170419//

After giving Gaiman’s episode a listen I figured to follow it up with Palmer’s. Not as much enjoyment for as I just don’t know her work in the same way but still some powerful stuff. What a strong person she is.

Murray Gets Hot, Kawhi Stays Hot, Curry Not Looking So Hot | Heat Check //050519//

Playoffs have been great.

The Chinese Surveillance State, Part 1 //050519//

Makes me not want to visit China now… Worse than I thought.

Season 2, Ep 94 — Mothman (w/ Hank Green) //030219//

Pretty great episode.

NBA Overreactions, Jokic Love, Curry’s Struggles, in Search of Ben Simmons, and Throne Game With Joe House //050519//


Somebody Get Embiid Some Purell: Raptors Even Series With Sixers //050519//

Tough one for the Sixers. These guys still feel pretty confident. I used to think Raptors in six, but this is definitely going to the wire.

Lowe Post - Bontemps & Andrews

Andrews didn’t speak enough. Maybe she hasn’t done a lot of podcasts/interviews like this. As the Midwest beat writer I’d like to hear her more.

Sarah Kliff vs. Zuckerberg General //050519//

The power of journalism, ladies and gentlemen.


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