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Updated: May 5, 2019

Tv Talk Machine 215: I’ve Made a Huge Mistake //020519//

Nothing if substance this week.

Welcome to Night Vale 147 - The Protester //300419//

I’ve wanted to get back to this show for awhile but just kept putting it off. It’s an enjoyable little story. Worthy of the twenty minute every two weeks.

Big Picture - Charlize Theron, Plus an Interview With Long Shot’ Director Jonathan Levine | Career Arc //020519//

I had heard/seen Charlize but Mad Max is the first movie where she really popped out to me. And then following that up with Atomic Blonde. I’ve also wanted to see the Jason Reitman films but haven’t had a chance. Anyways, I thought Long Shot was a terrific romcom.

Breaking Down Avengers: Endgame’ | The Watch //010519//

Nothing new from these guys.

WITH A PENCIL: Who’s the Better Tough-Guy Movie Dog Owner? //010519//

Meh. Love Shea but arbitrary rankings don’t really need a bunch of background. It’s arbitrary.

Against the Rules - The Alex Kogan Experience //150419//

Great stuff from Michael Lewis again.


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