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Updated: May 2, 2019

Warriors-Rockets Game 2 Instant Reactions | The Ringer NBA Show //300419//

Fun game. Enough said.

The Daily - A Dictator’s Fall in Sudan //300419//

Zoned out a bit.

NBA Then and Now With Jackie MacMullan, Plus Brian Kenny on Boxing’s Surprising Resurgence | The Bill Simmons Podcast //300419//

Jackie is wonderful.

Hello From the Magic Tavern Season 2, Ep 92 - Badgelor Party //200119//

Decent episode… Slowly catching up.

99 % Invisible 352- Uptown Squirrel //290419//

Fascinating look at squirrels. This is why I listen to 99pi.

Playoff Round 2 Check-in, Plus an Early Look at the Centers in the NBA Draft | The Corner 3 //300419//

I just don’t see drafting a C in the first round anymore. This is coming from the guy who loved Carter Jr. for the Bulls last year.

Today, Explained - Bovine intervention //300419//

I still need to try one of these.

Pen Addict 357: The Porsche of Moleskines //300419//

Decent. Haven’t listen to the Pen Addict in a while.

Lowe Post - Stan Van Gundy //300419//

When are the Van Gundy brothers going to get their own basketball show???


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