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Is It, in Fact, America’s Ass? An Investigation. //300419//

Pretty hilarious.

⫹⫺ Ridgeline: 017 — End of an Era: From Heisei to Reiwa

Cool to read Craig in the road. Fine issue.

Microsoft, Slack, Zoom, and the SaaS Opportunity //290419//

Good stuff.

Why?” and Four Other Pressing Questions About the Sonic the Hedgehog’ Trailer //300419//

I didn’t mind the trailer actually…

Did the Rockets circumvent a league rule regarding complaints when they went all in on the officials? ////


Isola: Blatant lack of respect for NBA referees, which has increased all season, falls on the players and the league office //300419//

100%. Leave the refs alone already. It’s getting our of hand and making the game less fun. They are going to make mistakes. But Ayers feel like they are perfect and when something doesn’t go right it has to be the refs fault.

Your Champions League Semifinal Mailbag

Lots of good stuff here.

Ven: The Sh*t Hits the Fan


Exclusive: Quentin Tarantino Tells Us How and Why He Created The Hateful Eight’ Miniseries for Netflix //290419//

Awesome interview. Gonna give it a watch eventually.

Mueller objected to Barr’s description of Russia investigation’s findings - The New York Times

This is a bit refreshing in the grand scheme of things.

A Theory About Why Last Night’s Game of Thrones Was Too Dark to Watch //300419//

I was born it.

The Dragon Rider’s Guide to Aerial Combat Does Not Approve of the Battle of Winterfell //290419//

Yeah, there’s a lot to nitpick, but I still thought it was a great episode and I wasn’t a fan of last season.

An Ode to Robert Downey Jr., the Real First Avenger //290419//

RIP Iron Man.


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