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Updated: May 2, 2019

The Daily - A Crisis at the N.R.A. //290419//


3: A Cast of Kings S8E3 - The Long Night //290419//

Da da dadada da dadada da da dadada.

Dissection S4E2 - Foreword by Tyler, The Creator //290419//

Two episodes in, this season is off to a great start. A lot here.

Rights to Ricky Sanchez - The Jimmy Butler and Greg Monroe Game: Sixers Even Series With Raptors //290419//

Just here to listen to them shoot the shit.

Avengers: Endgame’ Has Overwhelmed Hollywood. Is That OK? | The Big Picture //290419//

Yes. Because something like Infinity War/Endgame is never going to happen again.

Lowe Post - Kirk Goldsberry //290419//

I had a lot to say about this but coming back to it two days later I forgot most of it… Bummer.

Raptors-Sixers Might Be the Big Matchup We Were Promised After All | The Mismatch //290419//

Still have Raptors in six.

Hello Internet #123: Pop Quiz //290419//

Fun episode. I think I got four questions wrong.


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