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Updated: April 30, 2019

What Ben Zobrist’s unselfish act could tell us about Joe Maddon’s future with the Cubs ////

Interesting way to look at game planning strategy. But I feel like Pros should be better at handling situations where they know the manager is going to put out the best lineup for the matchup. Ultimately it’s just reps that athletes rely on building up to build comfort.

Sources: Rockets’ Game 1 ref rage rooted in extensive Warriors research //270419//

Touched on this in Listening.

Want quick knowledge? Visit the children’s section //280419//

Interesting idea. Never thought of it this way.

Corp D’etat

NextDraft. The usual.

The Living Won, but Game of Thrones’ Lost Its Ruthlessness //280419//

I’m becoming to realize her tv preferences don’t align with mine. It’s too bad.

Nothing’s Ever the Same”: Talking to Ben Sinclair About High Maintenance’ Season 2 //190118//

Fun interview. Need to catch up on High Maintenance.


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