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Updated: April 30, 2019

How the Warriors Stole” Game 1 From the Rockets | Heat Check //280419//

I have a problem with the problem people have with the no-calls. Maybe a couple of them were fouls, but Harden and Paul intentionally move in a way they don’t when no one is in front of them in order to create the contact and draw a foul. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be called. And I think that’s what the refs thought was too. And I’m glad for it.

The Daily - Why the Supreme Court Is Ruling on the Census //280419//

I get it… I disagree with it… But I get it… Everything is fucking political now.

KDs Epic Run, NBA Super-Whiners, Fear the North, and Throne Game With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast //280419//

Good discussion. Nothing new really but still good.

Against the Rules - The Seven Minute Rule //080419//

Fucking ridiculous.

Science Vs. Fertility Cliff: Is It Real? //240419//


Hello from the Magic Tavern Season 2, Ep 88 - Mittens and Literature //021218//

Fun episode. Slowly catching up, which probably will never happen.

HI #122: Wax Cylinders //230419//


Breaking Down Game of Thrones,’ S8E3 | The Watch //280419//

Probably the worst of the episode recaps I listen to… But I enjoy Chris and Andys banter.

Cortex 84: Radiating Anxiety //220419//

Waste of time.

99% Invisible 351- Play Mountain //220419//



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