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Updated: April 29, 2019

Thompson: Stephen Curry unplugged and unbothered as Kevin Durant emerges as the Warriors’ leading star //260419//

Curry is the heart and soul of the team. This is no surprise to me at all. When you have a guy like Durant, you have to make sure to work him into the offense and give him every chance to dominate. If they continue to work together we’ll, it just means more easy shots for both of them. And Klay.

All Podcasts Are Shows; Not All Shows Are Podcasts //240419//

I get the argument here and for the most part agree. But regular people don’t care about what the definition of podcast is.

Phones smash, notebooks bend //270419//

Big part of why I’m trying to get back to my books.

Bears draft takeaways: From Mitch’s new weapons to Matt’s ideal back to a creative kicker battle ////

Looking forward to seeing how they work into the offense.

Lux Aeterna Requiem - Orbital Operations 28 April 19

Pretty quick issue from Ellis this week. Cool to see he wrapped Wildstorm I’ve fallen way behind on it. Need to catch up.

What the Heck Happened at the End of Nuggets-Spurs Game 7? //280419//


RF124: Moniker Art Fair - NYC

Quick one from Ganzeer too.

After the Raptors got the Kawhi Leonard they needed, 76ers await a better version of Jimmy Butler //270419//

I bet Jimmy comes out hot Monday night, but Raptors still win it.


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