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Updated: April 29, 2019

515 - Avengers: Endgame (GUEST: Patrick Willems) //250419//

Had a blast with the movie as well as hearing the guys talk about it.

Lowe Post - Thorpe & Friedell

Some good matchup talk.

Subpoena season //250419//

Kawhi Leonard Is Ivan Drago: Sixers Lose Opener To Raptors //260419//

Kawhi is the man. I don’t think the 76ers have a shot.

Is Billie Eilish the Future of Pop? //180419//

I’ve been really enjoying her album so I wanted to learn a little more. Great coverage here.

Song Exploder - Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen //020419//

Don’t really know much about Van Etten, but I’ve enjoyed her new album quite a bit. Cool to hear the demo and how she worked with a new producer to steer her sound a bit differently this time around.


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