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Updated: April 27, 2019

Rights to Ricky Sanchez - Sixers vs. Raptors Preview, Nets Wrap-Up: Cry About It, Sean Marks //230419//

Fun to get the perspective of these guys as the 76ers head to the second round versus the Raptors. Obviously, they picked Philly to win in 7, but I don’t even think they will last that long against Toronto.

The Daily - How the Measles Outbreak Started //250419//

We humans are so susceptible.

S8E2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms | Game of Thrones //240419//

Great recap of a great episode.

Tying Up Warriors Loose Ends and Previewing Round 2 | Group Chat //260419//

More playoffs.

RIP John Havlicek, NFL Draft Highlights, and an Overdue Hang With Desus and Mero | The Bill Simmons Podcast //250419//

Great episode with BSs dad and then Desus and Mero.


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