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Why would the Cubs move Javier Báez off shortstop now? //250419//

I still think Javi at second is better for the defense in the grand scheme of things. The amazing pick plays he can make from that position as great and Russell is such a sound defender at SS. But ultimately, Javi is the one you need to keep happy and if he wants SS you let him keep it.

From rage to redemption: The night they roared in Rip City //230419//

What a fucking amazing shot.

Editor’s Letter: Goodbye to Game of Thrones’ - Rolling Stone

Apple News. Trying to knock out some issues. Starting with RS and GQ. Then moving on to NYer and Wired.

RS, Wired, and NYer are my priorities and the reason I keep Apple News+ at 9.99. GQ/Esquire are fun to keep around for interviews like Sam Jackson and Keanu Reeves. Lastly, I keep ESPN, Atlantic, THR, Variety, Fast Company, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, and Vogue around for filler.

Cage the Elephant’s Social Cues’ Album Review - Rolling Stone

Really really digging this album. Half to see a positive review but this is a five star album to me.

Billie Eilish: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ Album Review - Rolling Stone

Really digging this too. I’d upgrade this review to four stars.

Thompson: Steve Kerr needs to make an adjustment and he can start by ditching the Warriors’ normal rotations //250419//

This is tough. Clippers are roaches that know how to stay around. The length of this battle could be the difference in GSW v HOU.

Bryan Cogman’s Game of Thrones’ Spin-Off Show Won’t Be Moving Forward //240419//


This Question Will Change Your (Reading) Life

I try to keep this in mind. My reading list is always sooooooo fucking long though. And I never get around to most of it.

Fosse/Verdon’: Alan Sepinwall Reviews FX Limited Series About Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon Starring Sam Rockwell, Michelle Williams - Rolling Stone

Not sure about this. Great people involved but the look and feel is just depressing from the trailers.

Peter Travers Reviews Movies Teen Spirit,’ Her Smell’ and Amazing Grace’ - Rolling Stone

Some interesting stuff. Want to check out a lot of these.

Designer Errolson Hugh Sees the Future - GQ

As an Outlier fan, I get it. But, Acronym is way out of my price range. And the style is just a little too out there for me. I will keep an eye on them though if a pair of pants every leap out at me.


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