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The Daily - A Secret in the Navy SEALs //240419//

This telling definitely paints the picture of him being guilty and of a boys club that has been and will continue to be problematic across all types of groups and organizations.

Reply All #141 Adam Pisces and the $2 Coke //240419//

What a cool story. Hopefully Domino’s doesn’t get hacked. They don’t have my info so I guess I’m safe. But I’m sure all my passwords are out there from other hacks. It’s sad that people work to hurt people in order to make a buck.

With a Pencil: John Wick //240419//

Never got through Shea’s Villains podcast, but this was good. Looking forward to the next five as well as Chapter 3.

Lowe Post - Kevin Arnovitz //230419//

Good talk.

Dissection S4E1 - Tyler the Creator: Flower Boy //220419//

I dig it. I didn’t listen to S2 or 3 but I’m looking forward to this and eventually getting back to the Frank Ocean season.

Today, Explained - Tuition: Impossible //240419//

I paid mine off pretty quickly. I worked through school, with most of what I made going to loans/tuition (and was fortunate to have parents cover my rent, which I was able to work down to a very low cost), and then before wrapping up my MBA, started a job which led me to where I am today and was able to pay off my loans after about a year of full-time work. I’m extremely lucky for the situations I’ve been in. It’s rare to be that lucky and I see others my age (who also have a decent amount of privilege) continue to struggle and if there’s a way to reduce the burden, it should absolutely be done. Imagine what the people who come from nothing have to go through just to get an education….

Do By Friday - The Right Amount of Horny //240419//



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