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Creation: April 24, 2019
Updated: April 25, 2019

The Daily - The Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka //Apr 23, 2019//

I’ve touched on this already. It just makes me depressed that people have the goal to do this to others.

The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls World Tour //Apr 23, 2019//


Damian Lillard Sent Russell Westbrook and the Thunder Home | The Corner 3 //Apr 23, 2019//

Almost convinced me to hope for Garland over Ja. So a great discussion around coaches and how the difference of Malone benching Barton and Donovan not being able to bench Westbrook. Ever.

Ralph Macchio on The Karate Kid’ and Cobra Kai,’ Plus Michael Lewis on Moneyball,’ Moreyball, and Sports Parents | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Apr 23, 2019//

Some good discussions. The State Farm ad bullshit at the end was God awful. Play an add, do an add read but don’t try to pull this integrated shit.

Follow the drugs //Apr 23, 2019//

Powerful. Really shows we need to do more as a collective for people stuck in the cycle. I wonder if opioids just shouldn’t be prescribed to new people anymore.


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