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Creation: April 23, 2019
Updated: April 24, 2019

Scale //Apr 22, 2019//

This was the first one that actually felt like a real newsletter about walking.

Luke Walton denies sexual assault allegations against him, which appear to have stunned the Sacramento Kings //Apr 23, 2019//

Hate stuff like this. Either someone is disgusting or someone is making shit up, essentially being disgusting. It’s lose-lose. And for the record I usually lean towards the accuser in situations like this. It’s just no fun for anyone. The delay in coming forward always irks me, but I get that it’s tough and I couldn’t imagine having to go through it myself.

Amazing Grace //Apr 22, 2019//

This was nice.

The world in brief, April 23rd 2019 from The Economist

Trying to get the Espresso into my morning routine. (maybe even with my espresso)

Uber Questions Follow-up, Luminary Launches, Luminary’s Broken Rung //Apr 22, 2019//

Good stuff about Luminary’s problems. (getting people to it, especially when it barely works as a regular podcast app.)

Editor’s Letter: Same Suit, Different Socks - GQ

Continuing to try to fit Apple News+ into my workflow. Haven’t found it yet…

Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking’, Starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, is Unreleasable”, So They’re Spending Millions More on Reshoots //Apr 22, 2019//

This sounds absolutely fascinating. I’d pay $100 for the current cut to see what the problems are.

Amal Clooney: Prosecute Islamic State extremists for rape - The Washington Post

The resolution eliminated long-used language on providing sexual and reproductive health care” to survivors of rape and abuse to avert a veto from the Trump administration. And it eliminated a positive reference to the International Criminal Court’s work in prosecuting alleged perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict.

The Golden Age of Half-Truths — On my Om

Great story/metaphor of today from Om.

Issue 022: Yelaine Rodriguez rewrites the story of the African diaspora


Through the Fish-eye Lens: On Kanye West’s Sunday Service - The Ringer

I don’t even know what to say about Kanye anymore. This gospel shit is ajte weird. I want to see him put something meaningful together. And it better not be called Yandhi

How Kunihiko Ikuhara Crafted the Weirdest, Most Wonderful Anime About Adolescence - The Ringer

Sounds interesting, I think I’ll give this a shot when the SO goes out of town.


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