Marz Community Brewing

Creation: April 23, 2019
Updated: April 23, 2019

Wasn’t planning on doing a page for Marz, but since I did for Phase Three, I figured I should for Marz since I’ve had so many different Marz beers. They just pump out so much. Their biggest offering is a double dry hopped double IPA.

Arbitrary Rankings

  1. Jumbo Mumbo
  2. Attack of the Hazeoids
  3. Cryoflayer 9.99
  4. cloudy boyz
  5. Typeforce X
  6. Cryo Crag


Cryo Crag hazy ipa //190423//

Very light and refreshing hazy.

At time of creating these are the ones I remember having, but there are so many more.


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