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Creation: April 23, 2019
Updated: April 24, 2019

Today, Explained - Sri Lanka’s Easter attacks //Apr 21, 2019//

It’s just so sad. And the fact their was warning is just depressing that nothing was done.

The Daily - The Whistle-Blowers at Boeing //Apr 22, 2019//

Mind-opening. We look at Boeing as a higher standard, but in the end, they are a shitty capitalist business just like all the others.

Science Vs. Race: Can We See It In Our DNA? //Apr 18, 2019//

Fuck people who try to twist this shit to claim superiority.

Every Little Thing - Cheerleading Part 2: Pageantry, Femininity, Racism //Apr 18, 2019//

Stomp! Love that shit. Much better than regular cheerleading, imo. There’s a rhythm that I love.

Against the Rules - Ref, You Suck! //Apr 1, 2019//

This was an absolute fantastic episode of podcasting. His first episode too to boot.

2: A Cast of Kings S8E2 - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms //Apr 22, 2019//

Loved it.

It’s Time to Fear the Deer | The Mismatch //Apr 23, 2019//

Bucks should wipe the floor with the Celtics.

Today, Explained - Martin Sheen 2020? //Apr 22, 2019//

My paternal grandparents are from Ukraine. It feels like every country is just deteriorating at this point.

Broken Record - Mary Gauthier //Apr 8, 2019//

Cool to hear about the program; but hard to connect with this episode.


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