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Creation: April 22, 2019
Updated: April 23, 2019

Uber Questions //Apr 21, 2019//

Surprised how much open questions he has. Doesn’t seem typical to me, but I don’t follow IPOs like that…

Sentiers No.75

Some decent stuff in here.

Inoh Tadataka and the Tools of a Walk

Great story.

The Bad Hustle Porn Narrative //Apr 10, 2019//

Good reminder to relax.

Comics Train: 4 //Apr 14, 2019//

Nice little blurb.

NextDraft: There’s No Place Like Homepage

Writing this so far out I don’t even remember what I gleaned.

CNBC: Apple Spends More Than $30 Million a Month on Amazon Web Services’ //Apr 21, 2019//

Pretty crazy…

NBA executives, agents and players weigh in on the rebuilding models of the Nets and 76ers //Apr 21, 2019//

I’d definitely prefer the Nets model. Both seem difficult but one puts an absolutely abhorrent product on the court. In contradicting myself a bit, as I cheered for the Chicago tank this past year…

Hail to the Chief’: Portland’s glue guy, Al-Farouq Aminu, keeps Blazers together in Game 4 win //Apr 21, 2019//

He’s going to be key to keep them moving next round.


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