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Creation: April 19, 2019
Updated: April 20, 2019

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No comment needed.

Below are a bunch of Time 100 most influential people profiles, through Apple News+

Mohamed Salah, by John Oliver - TIME https://apple.news/Ah6CZ9aNzTCyzz5xyyI0Bqg Marlon James - TIME https://apple.news/A6f7ncBoDTZKJf1yFHZzL8A Dwayne Johnson - TIME https://apple.news/Ak1c4eVMFS12S99YzI_9P5w Rami Malek - TIME https://apple.news/ADi9tNh-uRTmTUUilyd63DQ Hasan Minhaj - TIME https://apple.news/AN_g4f2GxRQWr_7lVYn9FHQ Richard Madden - TIME https://apple.news/APdwaIDDOTBi3G57211iUEg Brie Larson - TIME https://apple.news/A2pEie1JxT1S9covHN60abQ Emilia Clarke - TIME https://apple.news/A_2ppPkp2TPqvs0x63eY4dA Mahershala Ali - TIME https://apple.news/AqSRksXzDQQ2bL9TPPRU21g Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - TIME https://apple.news/AAWw0Ki_RTfuowV8MzB84Zw LeBron James - TIME https://apple.news/A4lQkK01LRvuq63-0ATgWWg Bob Iger - TIME https://apple.news/AHxxYqwi2RJOZBnV9UvP1nQ Tiger Woods - TIME https://apple.news/AfIc1hoqiQCWsutgVRyJO1g Spike Lee - TIME https://apple.news/Ae4evd4n1SLG_oJDgpWW64A Michelle Obama - TIME https://apple.news/AJPlZzdciSv6eqKLmSFLQZw

Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino does the simple things right and that’s why he’s so important //Apr 19, 2019//

Damn straight. Love Firmino. So skilled with the ball and able to do so much on the pitch.

Harper: Why the theater of Kevin Durant’s postgame press conference was simply smoke and mirrors ////

Durant just talks. A lot. But the man can still play. Obviously.


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