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Creation: April 18, 2019
Updated: April 18, 2019


//190418// Brand new brewery from the Chicagoland area. Founded by previous Head Brewer of More Brewing out of Villa Park. Not sure if I’ve actually ever had anything fromore but Phase Three was getting hyped at my local store so I gave it a shot and was not disappointed.

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  1. Protocol

Upcoming //190425//

Orange Chantilly milkshake IPA

Hops: Citra & Simcoe

Low Ceilings double IPA

Hops: Citra & Mosaic


Protocol double IPA //190418//

ABV: 8%

Hops: Citra & El Dorado & Galaxy

Absolutely wonderful, did not disappoint as the first beer (besides Marmalade which I wasn’t able to grab).


Marmalade IPA

ABV: 8.5%

Hops: Citra & Columbus

Didn’t realize how quickly this would sell out. Might try to stop elsewhere to see if there’s any stock.


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