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Creation: April 17, 2019
Updated: April 17, 2019

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Added a new tag here of media. This is going to be its own post type like reference eventually. I used both tags in the book pages I just posted, but I want media to have its own icon and then I’ll remove the reference tag from them once it’s up and running.

I think I’m starting to find a groove of how to use this blog compared to my other. Between my read/watch/listen, journal, reference, and the forthcoming information and media posts, as well as a way to correspond with people, I’m pretty happy. It’s basically my Day One app, except I never actually used that, versus my public blog, which is essentially my Twitter to share things. For people looking just to know what I think is cool or interesting, my other blog is really the place to go, but this, I see similar to Warren Ellis’ Orbital Operations or Robin Sloan’s Year of the Meteor. No I am not comparing myself to them, but Sloan refers to his newsletter as his workshop” for the year and here Ellis quotes someone referring to OO as a direct feed into Ellis’ brain. This is where I lay it all out there, work through initial thoughts and then think a little more through things before I decide if I actually want to do anything with the thoughts.

Aaand with all that being said, I still want to get to using my public blog more and do more experimental stuff and just get weird with it. I had been debating creating a new site for some fiction stuff I’ve wanted to do for a long time, instead I think I’ll just throw it there.

I’m still undecided if I move images back to my public site or leave them on the dedicated photo site. Or maybe just do what Jack does and link out to my Flickr, which I’m already paying for anyways.

And I just read Phil’s wiki where he talked about giving Day One another look. I think Day One is beautiful, and it’s great for a lot of people. I just don’t think it suits more than one defined purpose. It just didn’t gel with me.


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