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Creation: April 16, 2019
Updated: April 17, 2019

Golden State’s Kevin Durant Has Become the Ultimate Basketball Player - The Ringer

Durant has all the physical tools and prerequisites, similar to LeBron to be the greatest. However, just like LeBron, Durant has continued to show the lack of mental fortitude that Jordan had, and the 31-point lead the Warriors gave away, with Durant getting pestered by Beverley was a great example of this.

A better internet for the Anthropocene

Some good thoughts here.

An interstellar meteor may have slammed into Earth - National Geographic


Scenes from the NBAs greatest playoff comeback: Pat Beverley, passion and the power of competition

Beverley is the man. I love players who play like this and represent Chicago well.

The Clippers Completed the Biggest Comeback in Postseason History By Being Themselves

Some more good stuff on the Clippers comeback.

Laird Hamilton’s lessons on fueling up for an action-packed 24 hours - Outside

Nothing here.

Styles Make Fights — Cleaning the Glass

Loved this. Hope he does more of this and revisits these topics after each round.

Bad Writer

Note from Ellis.

Amazon UnPrimed

I’ve had similar thoughts. I had to return something for the first time last year and was stunned at the restocking fee. Most places have free returns nowadays and I just assumed Amazoj would be the same way.

Disney and the Future of TV

Disney and the Value of the Consumer Relationship, Disney’s Consolidation of Hulu, Comcast and AT&T

Getting back into the Stratechy flow.

Intel 5G Modems - Daring Fireball★

I really want to know the answer on the timing piece.

Antisocial Network System Printernet

I have one of those small printers and previously started to implement that but the paper for those is just too expensive to do regularly.


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