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Creation: April 15, 2019
Updated: April 16, 2019

Anthony Davis Might Be Too Melo to Be the Star He Thinks He Is - The Ringer

Not a bad comparison, especially if a team gives up the world for him.

Manvotional: Young Benjamin Franklin’s Plan of Conduct | The Art of Manliness


Playing the Second Side — Cleaning the Glass

Great breakdown.

Noh: What is the point of the Bulls extending Jim Boylen?

Please don’t extend him. Try to get Dave Joeger…

☄️Week 16, the things they love ping-ponging

Not much here but a few fun things to take away.

Shrinking the Floor — Cleaning the Glass

Even better breakdown! Hoping the Nets can find a way to take this series. Would be fantastic.

Surprise, surprise! The Bosnian Beast gives his Blazers teammates a boost

I wasn’t as into Portland this year as Chuck and Ernie who picked them to make it out of the west at one point in time, but to lose Nurk at this point is such a huge bummer.

Bernie Sanders’ Fox News town hall wasn’t a debate. Bernie won anyway.

Pretty funny. I like Bernie, but I don’t know if he can win enough people from the middle to win it. We might be better served by someone else out of the primary.

The Umbrella Academy’ Is a Foray Into Netflix’s Post-Marvel World - The Ringer

First positive review I’ve read. This aligns much more with how I felt about it. Can’t wait for season two.

Why I’m obsessed with reading books about writing in notebooks - The Washington Post

I have a similar problem. I’ve pretty much given up my notebooks since this Weblog started. Still pondering ways to get back into them because I do miss my regular field notes.

Amazon federal taxes: how the company’s corporate tax bill was $0 - Vox

Good explainer.

Introducing Royalty, the Collective Behind Atlanta’ and Childish Gambino - GQ

Pretty cool. I’m fascinated by collectives.


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