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Creation: April 10, 2019
Updated: April 11, 2019

The Daily - When the Lights Went Out in Venezuela //Apr 9, 2019//

The Pitch - Can A Startup Solve Homelessness? (#63, Samaritan) //Apr 9, 2019//

I get the hangup, but if it’s something that can successfully help homelessness, I’d be all in. I don’t think this is a viable solution though.

A Magic Johnson WTF Emergency Pod! Plus Wade’s Last Dance With Chris Mannix and Stugotz | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Apr 9, 2019//

Wow. The Magic stuff is crazy.

Binge Mode S3E7: The Bear and the Maiden Fair | Game of Thrones //Jun 18, 2017//

S3E8: Second Sons | Game of Thrones //Jun 18, 2017//

Slowly getting back to it. Probably won’t get through everything before Sunday but it’s better than nothing.

Magic Johnson Stepped Down and the Lakers Are (Further) Off the Rails | The Ringer NBA Show //Apr 9, 2019//

I predicted over a year ago (I think) that LeBron would never win another championship, and that playoffs would no longer be guranteed.

512 - Shazam! (GUEST: Griffin Newman from The Tick) //Apr 8, 2019//

Fun episode.

Medicare Bears //Apr 9, 2019//

Didn’t listen to the whole thing. For the record, I’m for Medicare for all though.


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