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Creation: April 09, 2019
Updated: April 11, 2019

The Daily - The Brief, Controversial Tenure of Kirstjen Nielsen //Apr 8, 2019//

Fuck Trump.

Every Little Thing - When Did Pants Become a Thing? //Apr 7, 2019//


Today, Explained - A brutal new law in Brunei //Apr 7, 2019//

This is just fucked up. More reasons to hate people.

Download 98: Important Business People With Ties //Apr 3, 2019//

News+ and Devindra from /Filmcast as a guest. Good episode.

Ten Questions Leading Into the Playoffs | The Mismatch //Apr 9, 2019//


Today, Explained - Achy Breaky Charts //Apr 8, 2019//

This was absolutely fascinating to me. Surprisingly, I actually dig the song. It’s not country, but neither is have the shit on the country charts.


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