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Creation: April 08, 2019
Updated: April 15, 2019

Year of the Meteor - My previous bag was extremely non-DIY, made by the company Filson, and while it was sturdy and beautiful, it was also HEAVY. All those snaps and buckles and leather tabs — all that ////

I’d love to make my own bag one day.

Ganzeer - FREQUENCY //Mar 21, 2019//

Eh not much here.

Rodin - A Retreat, a Walk, SMS Publishing, Advice to a Young Me //Apr 2, 2019//

Some great advice. I’ve fallen too far into spending all my money. Need to cut back a little.

Katie Nolan goes to Liverpool to watch her beloved Reds

This was a really fun post.

Gonzo Jordan: The true story behind Michael Jordan’s brief-but-promising baseball career //Jul 29, 1994//

Fascinating. I always thought he pretty much failed at baseball, but there’s a lot here that says otherwise.

The Curious Incident in the Bath in the Day-time //Apr 7, 2019//

What a fucked up experience. To have in a public bath nonetheless.

Shazam!’ Box Office Exceeds Expectations, Gets Dwayne Johnson Excited for Black Adam Arrival //Apr 7, 2019//

Shazam was a lot of fun. I look forward to what’s coming next.

Samuel L. Jackson Interview on Hollywood, Politics, and His Childhood - Esquire

This was a fantastic interview.


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