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Creation: April 08, 2019
Updated: April 9, 2019

The Daily - A Russian Assassin Tells His Story //Apr 7, 2019//

Trump’s knows how to pick his friends.

TV Talk Machine 212: Reight Champion //Apr 3, 2019//

So much tv (and movies) happening right now.

/Filmcast 508 - Captain Marvel (GUEST: Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair) //Mar 7, 2019//

Great conversation. I really loved Captain Marvel and probably have it a notch above anyone else here.

Concern-Trolling Playoff Teams and Just Concerns for the Sixers | Heat Check //Apr 7, 2019//

So much philly talk…

/Filmcast 510 - Us //Mar 25, 2019//

Listening to this definitely made me appreciate the movie more. Need to see this again.


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