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Creation: April 03, 2019
Updated: April 4, 2019

Reckoning with Detective Comics

Amazing. These are the kinds of things the big two can excel at if they let themselves.

Auburn Is Officially This Year’s Giant Killer - The Ringer

I’m cheering for Auburn and Texas Tech the rest of the way through.

No.73 — Getting cities our of cars. Copyright horror. Intelligences. Bogost. Malaise self-care. Civic Futures. Turing.

Some good stuff here.

The Joker’ Trailer Is the Best of 2019 So Far - The Ringer

Agreed. Stoked for this.

Why the World Needs More Crowlers—Wait, What’s a Crowler? | Bon Appetit

Just got my first crowler last Saturday.

Duke Is Going to the Elite Eight Because of Zion’s Latest Feats - The Ringer

I miss him already…


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