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Creation: April 03, 2019
Updated: April 4, 2019

Pod Save America - Mueller purgatory.” //Mar 31, 2019//

Not much to take away in this one. Part of the reason I stopped listening to them for awhile. Very repetitive.

The Daily - Trump Wanted to Scrap Obamacare. His Party Didn’t. //Apr 2, 2019//

Trump’s a bum.

Catching Up With John Skipper | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Apr 2, 2019//

This was absolutely fantastic. Didn’t know much about John Skipper besides what BS has said in old podcasts. Amazing to be a fly on the wall as they discuss their history, good and bad.

Pivot or Die (#62, Feedback) //Apr 2, 2019//

This product will work in some form or iteration. And he sounds like a guy I’d bet on to figure it out. If I had any money I’d go all in on this one.

Broken Record with Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin, and Bruce Headlam //Apr 1, 2019//

Meh. Never a big Talking Heads guy. I should probably revisit them.

348- Three Things That Made the Modern Economy //Apr 1, 2019//

meh. Snoozed through this.

The Cut - What Is Sex? //Apr 1, 2019//


Writers Guild Negotiations, Plus: Veep’ and Barry’ | The Watch //Apr 1, 2019//

Great background on the writers guild negotiations.


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