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Creation: April 02, 2019
Updated: April 3, 2019

Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Confirmed By Netflix //Apr 1, 2019//


A chat with Captain Marvel’s Kelly Sue DeConnick & Hawkeye’s Matt Fraction - Polygon

This was great.

Can Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone’ Break Through Its Paywall? - The Ringer

I hope so. I’m looking forward to diving in soon.

Should LeBron James Be Left Off the All-NBA Teams? - The Ringer

He should most certainly. Kawhi, and Blake should definitely make it over him. That leaves one spot. I’d personally give Aldridge (if eligible), Danilo Galinari, and Pascal Siakam the box before LBJ but inevitably, he will get on the third team. If he gets on the second team it’d be a travesty.


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