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Creation: April 02, 2019
Updated: April 3, 2019

Connected 236: Rosencrantz Says //Mar 26, 2019//

Good discussion around the Apple event. Their risky picks” were not risky at all. I do hope Apple news format gets embraced by publishers in a big way though. As it currently stands, I don’t know if I’m going to stick around.

The Daily - Why Did New York’s Most Selective Public High School Admit Only 7 Black Students? //Apr 1, 2019//

It’s a tough situation to solve. I don’t have the answers but diversity should be a key component.

Apple Officially Wades Into the Streaming Wars, Plus: Us’ and Dragged Across Concrete’ | The Watch //Mar 25, 2019//

Skipped the last part, worried about Us spoilers.

Zion’s Trade Value, Wade’s Farewell Tour, OKCs Collapse, and Gym Nudists With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Mar 31, 2019//

It’s funny how Bill Simmons says people need to stop overreacting to college players but at the same time says he’d only take six NBA players over Zion.

First-Round Matchups We’d Like to See | The Mismatch //Apr 1, 2019//

Playoffs can’t come soon enough.

Today, Explained - What women really want //Apr 1, 2019//

Systemic problems need systematic fixes. Only a drastic change can help fix this. The government and work places need to treat men and women equally when it comes to child births because that’s the only way to stop businesses from discriminating.

511 - The Matrix 20th Anniversary Retrospective (GUEST: David Sims from The Atlantic) //Apr 1, 2019//

Fun to look back. I fired up the first half before I had to leave for my game.


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