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Creation: April 01, 2019
Updated: April 2, 2019

If You Race Zion Williamson, He Will Chase You Down and End You - The Ringer

The show looks dumb.

Year of the Meteor: This dispatch is coming to you a morning late because I had literally not a spare minute on Sunday; we rose early, went to the olive grove, and worked until the sun went down, pausing only for bacon and avocado sandwiches in the shade. It was the last day our friend and Pruning Resident ////

Nothing spectacular I still love reading Sloan. This is what prompted my Critical: Reading list.

A Woman Says Kristaps Porzingis Raped Her. Here’s What We Know.

This is tough. I always like to side with the accuser in these situations, but the little I know, it’s become harder and harder to take what she has claimed at face value.

Ridgeline - Walk Rhythms, SMS Publishing //Mar 31, 2019//

This photo a day through SMS where he won’t receive the responses until the end is a fascinating Expirement. I can’t wait to see how it goes for him. Another critical hitting it out of the park.




Don’t remember why I snagged this here.

Danilo’s Downfall? — Cleaning the Glass

Funny little article.


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