//190401// Journal: more album thoughts

Creation: April 01, 2019
Updated: April 1, 2019

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Saw Sphygmus had an entry titled album vs. song and my first thought was great… another person on the other side. Not that there are sides or that’s its even really a debate. Pleasantly surprised to see she finds albums important as well.

Albums as a whole seem to be a dying art where everything is driven by singles and streaming. I still hold out hope for their future.

Sphygmus pointed out one thing I didn’t, which is the value of repeated listens. The single might be what catches your ear, and it still might be your favorite after the third listen to an album, but after the fourth, fifth, etc. you gain a further appreciation and track eight might end up being your favorite. If you listen to an album once, pick out your favorites, the chances you ever even stumble across track eight again are minimal.


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