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Creation: April 01, 2019
Updated: April 2, 2019

The Agony of Being Theresa May //Mar 31, 2019//

Tough go, m’lady.

Thoroughly Considered 49: Landlocked Jetskis //Mar 30, 2019//

Enjoyed this. Always nice to hear from the Studio Neat guys.

Without Fail: The Decades-Long Hunt for the Golden State Killer //Mar 24, 2019//

This was great. I think it was Science Vs. That had an episode about using geneology for solving crimes too. Now, I’m a law-abiding citizen, but this is kind of why I don’t want to do one of those 23&me tests. Don’t want some company with access to my DNA. Just feels wrong.

A Movie and Television Grab Bag | The Watch //Mar 28, 2019//


The Only Playoff Race Left: The Eastern Conference | Heat Check //Apr 1, 2019//

Haley has really started to come into her own this season. You could see the trepidation last year, but she’s become one of my favorite NBA writers for the Ringer.

Today, Explained - The right to refuse //Mar 31, 2019//

I think it’s absolute bullshit. People can’t just say it’s their religious right to refuse someone but then ignore the rest of the fucking Bible. All people should be treated equally. And then they want to go and say everyone has equal opportunity and that their is no systemic racism?!?! I know I’m jumping around but still. It’s like the Civil Rights movement never happened. And we are going through all the bullshit on repeat.


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