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Creation: March 29, 2019
Updated: March 30, 2019

2019 NBA Award SZN Is Here | Group Chat //Mar 27, 2019//

I got Giannis.

The 500th Episode, With Bill Hader and a Surprise First-Time Guest | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Mar 28, 2019//

I called the special guest ahead of time. Not much sports here but I’m looking forward to Barry coming back for season two.

Science Vs. Fasting Diets: What’s the Skinny? //Mar 27, 2019//

I figured most of this. I naturally intermittent fasting, not for dieting reasons but I don’t really like to eat breakfast sonibeat lunch around noon and dinner around six.

Download 97: Shiny Titanium Trojan Horse //Mar 27, 2019//

Good episode going over Apple’s stuff.

Pod Save America - Peak stupid.” //Mar 27, 2019//

Not as good as the last one I listed to.

TV Talk Machine 211: Nobody Gets a Ribbon //Mar 28, 2019//

Good episode going over Apple’s stuff and some other tv.

Sixteen(-ish) NBA Prospects in the Sweet 16 | The Corner 3 //Mar 28, 2019//

Enjoyed this a lot. I think this class will end up being better than people expect when we look back in five years.

Today, Explained - Once, twice, three times a Brexit //Mar 28, 2019//

Oyi vey. It’s worse than America.


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