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Creation: March 28, 2019
Updated: March 28, 2019

57.2°F and Clear

First showing at my place today. Hopefully they liked it… Had to get my dog out beforehand so I left work early… That’s going to get tiresome if it takes a bunch of showings to sell….

Have the day off tomorrow for my birthday. Taking the dog to the vet for a follow-up after his ear infection. Hop Butcher is releasing three beers so I’m hoping to get as much of Blazed Orange Milkshake as possible.

Read a note from h0p3. Really appreciate seeing it. Not necessarily to know people are reading here, but to receive that bit of thoughtfulness with all the stress I have right now trying to sell my dump of a condo, move to a pricier place in the city, and the stress with work stuff. 👍 Thanks h0p3. I also like the @ idea. Might incorporate that as a tag. I don’t think I’ll have them as separate posts, at least for now, but rather in a journal like this, if I mention someone, I’d tag it with @” and their name.


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