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Creation: March 28, 2019
Updated: March 29, 2019

The Daily - Prosecuting R. Kelly //Mar 27, 2019//

It’s interesting hearing people defend or attack someone they really don’t know. Early in this episode you hear women defend Kelly back during the initial allegations years ago. You don’t know him!!

#139 The Reply All Hotline //Mar 27, 2019//

Wonderful. Defnotnick.

Do By Friday - Uh Oh! //Mar 27, 2019//

This was also wonderful.

Pod Save America - No exoneration.” //Mar 24, 2019//

Needed to hear these guys after the Barr memo. I still have a shred of hope something will still come out. But not much hope.

346- Palaces for the People //Mar 18, 2019//

Haven’t used a library in a long time which is sad.


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