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Creation: March 28, 2019
Updated: March 28, 2019

Not that I actually have the capacity at the moment given I haven’t posted to my blog or here very much recently, but I love what kicks is doing with href.cool and I’ve been thinking about building out a directory of sites myself.

I don’t know how well Blot would be suited to this nor how I would actually want to go about it. I don’t imagine a full fledged database kind of directory, but I figured a single line with the title linking to the site, with tags to sort, would be enough.

Maybe also a quick comment included? I don’t know. There’s a style of site I really dig and I find things often and send them to pinboard, but I don’t really use pinboard in actuality because it has more than just those cool sites. A directory like kicks would give me a place to house those.

Not sure I want to fork over another $20 for a fifth blot site plus I’d obviously need to come up with a cool domain (with whois privacy).

I like the idea of a .menu, cause it’d be like a menu of links…. mystery.menu or hidden.menu, maybe hidden.supplies?

mystery.menu is $75 so fuck that. hidden.menu is still an option, mysterious.menu marvelous.menu…


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