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Creation: March 27, 2019
Updated: March 27, 2019

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Work actually went pretty well today. Starting a new automation project and met to go over the requirements as I understand them.

Got notification that I have my first showing at my place. Stoked. So I cleaned all evening. Sooooooo much cleaning. These fuckers better just buy at 125% for all the work I put in tonight. I deserve it. 😂😂😂

@joshs I doubt you read this much here, if at all, but UPS wouldn’t leave my AirPods either. I even buzzed them into my building1. Fuckers. Aaaaand I even checked beforehand and it said No signature required!!!!!!!!!!

All about the journal page tonight. I wonder if those who frequent here have fallen off a bit since I’ve only been doing my reading/watching/rithemtic posts lately, nothing new. Which I’m disappointed in myself.

Phil has a favorite songs tiddler I’ve been looking at more closely lately. I know h0p3 has a similar thing. But I hate the idea of music being broken down my song. I know h0p3 pushed back on this in his last letter to me2, but when I relate it to a chapter/book it’s not about a narrative relation, a song is a part of an album, and there is a cohension in feel and tone to a point you can tell which songs come from the same album (besides the fact you already know) just by the Sonic nature of each tune. Meh.

  1. buzzer goes to my phone.

  2. still owe him a response but I’m going to take my time given all the shit I’m juggling right now.


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