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Creation: March 26, 2019
Updated: March 27, 2019

Why Didn’t Mueller Decide on Obstruction? //Mar 25, 2019//

2020 can’t come soon enough.

Gronk’s Gone, the Zion Zone, Harden vs. Giannis, and NBA Playoff Fixes With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Mar 24, 2019//

Enjoyed this one. Really looking forward to the playoffs.

Cortex 83: 7 Days Out //Mar 25, 2019//

Solid. The subtle sweater looks really nice.

Without Fail - How to Fire People //Mar 17, 2019//

Nice interview. Gimlet stuff is also top notch. I’ve heard most of her story previously though.

(Not) Jockeying for Playoff Matchups | The Mismatch //Mar 26, 2019//

Playoffs, right around the corner.

Today, Explained - The Golan Heights //Mar 25, 2019//



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