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Creation: March 25, 2019
Updated: March 26, 2019

The Celtics Responded to Kyrie Irving’s Latest Critique by Not Changing a Thing //Mar 25, 2019//

Kyrie needs to go.

Apple’s Slice — 500ish Words

Tough spot to be in. Apple need to meet the desires of shareholders…

How Can the Thunder Get Back on Track? - The Ringer


The Philadelphia 76ers’ Title Bid Gets Serious - The Ringer

Nope for them too.

The Ja Morant Triple-Double Experience Is an Instant March Madness Phenomenon - The Ringer

My guy. Hope he comes to the Bulls. Tough break against Fl state though.

It’s Not Enough to Be Right—You Also Have to Be Kind


Why Jordan Peele Is the New Master of Suspense - The Ringer

Looking forward to Us.

Very Brief Thoughts and Observations on Today’s Show Time’ Apple Event //Mar 24, 2019//

I feel like Gruber doesn’t have his pulse on areas Apple hasn’t been. He doesn’t get the gaming space at all.


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